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Best Books For Starting Solids

best books on starting solidsI’m looking for books, Ebooks or apps for starting solids, and also different “recipes” to try, the things to try first, how to prepare things etc

Parents share their best advice on starting solids here and some tips on baby-led weaning here

  • Annabel’s Essential Guide To Feeding Your Baby & Toddler by Annabel Karmel
  • One handed cooks ebook is great! Bec
  • For me you can’t go past “Baby Led Weaning” by Gill Rapley. there are also facebook pages you can link into with other like minded mummies. My son’s first food at 6 months was a juicy piece of steak to suck on. There’s lots of iron in the juice which is the only reason babies need complimentary foods within the first year so I thought it a good first option. Don’t stress about introducing solids, from 6-12 months its a gradual transition from a wholly milk diet to a predominantly food diet so letting bubs feed themselves from the beginning compliments this process as they gradually learn to chew and swallow larger and larger pieces. It also helps their gut get used to digesting food. Enjoy, its lots of fun. Elana
  • “Which foods when – getting the basics right” eBook from Well Adjusted Babies Nicole
  • Must have these two:- Baby Bowl by Kim McCosker (of 4 ingredients fame) and Annabelle Karmel’s New and Complete Baby and Toddler meal planner. Although the advice regarding lactose intolerance is a little outdated and a bit too much of a one-size fits-all approach. Soy shouldn’t be given to anyone under 25 because it contains estrogen so may mess with hormone production especially in girls and you don’t have to give up breastfeeding if you’re baby is lactose intolerant if your baby has never showed any reaction to it. I’m lactose intolerant but can tolerate some dairy just can’t overdo it and my baby girl seems to be the same. She’s never had a reaction to breastmilk or formula (occasional from 6 weeks old) but couldn’t handle farex rice cereal, it must of been too rich for her. Weirdest thing during pregnancy I was able to eat as much dairy as I liked but 3 or 4 days postpartum my lactose intolerance came back with a vengeance – hello lunch, only 30 minutes after eating it. Heather
  • Food babies love!! Justine
  • Feeding Your Baby by Fiona Wilcock Cindy

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