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Breastfeeding With Inverted Nipples

breastfeeding with inverted nipplesHas anyone successfully breastfed with inverted nipples? I didn’t try with my first son but would like to try with my second baby. Just wanting to hear others experiences.

  • Nipple shields made it easier. Deb
  • Yes i managed with all my kids but needed a nipple shield. Natasha
  • I did with both my boys an had no problems been nursen since 2o1o u can do it good luck mama. Jessica
  •  Yes with a nipple shield. Gaby
  • I had no problems nd didnt have to have a shield. Jenna
  • I managed to breastfeed my 2nd bub with no problems for almost 12months. I did try a nipple shield, it wasn’t successful but he really didn’t need it anyway. Amanda
  • I don’t have them myself but am interested in others’ experience as my daughter was born with them. If she chooses to bf I’d love for her to have an experience similar to mine! First up I’d probably suggest a consult with an LC?:) Jenn
  •  I tried with my first. Both with and without shields. Unfortunately i was unsuccessful and ended up pumping for 5 weeks. I will definately be trying again. I found the nipple shields really hurt no matter the size of them. I have heard that alot of stimulation throughout pregnancy helps bring them out. So trying that with this one.
    All the best, i hope it works for you. Xx Terri
  • Yep me too. I used a nipple shield. Marilyn
  • I breastfed my son for 16months, never used a nipple shield. I expressed a lot in the 1st 10days & that brought my nipple out & it stayed out until I stopped. Before every feed it helps to pinch the nipple to make it come out before trying to latch the baby on. Good luck! Salome

  • Yep, seek help from a lactation consultant. Pumping helps to get them out. Only 1 of mine was, and now after 2 kids for over3 yrs total it’s not. Totally doable but there was pain due to attachment issues early on. Shields helped and I promoted the nipple to come out and get milk flowing before attachment. Diane

  • I had one inverted nipple. She didn’t favour that side at first but eventually took to it once my milk came in on day 5 and she fed for 18 months smile emoticon Kaitlyn
  • My son had trouble latching on so I used nipple sheilds gor a month before we was able to latch without the sheilds.. you will have no trouble with them and they stop cracks and bleeding so it’s a win / win .. Rachael
  • My mum did with me when I was a wee baby. She just had to prep her nipples a lot before having me. This was 26 years ago as well. And I was breastfed for 9 months. Hayley

  • I had inverted nipples and I breastfed both of my kids. I needed to use shields with my first for a few months to give him something to latch onto, but he eventually was able to feed without them. They stayed partly out between my kids and I had no trouble feeding my second. Hayley
  • Go see an IBCLC (International board certified lactation consultant and they’ll be able to help you. Marina

  • A friend of mine had them & used a product made by avent that was made for inverted nipples. Its a little tube that makes them come out?? Might be worth googling?? Good luck Anna
  • I tried for 4 days…at first he wouldnt even latch on but I kept trying, I barely even made a quarter of a teaspoon of colostrum by day 4 I had enough and gave him a bottle and they sent us home, that night I had a ath and finally my milk came in but honestly I didnt even make enough for a mouth full…so gave up, rather him have formula rather than nothing. Angela
  • Yes with both my children, first with a nipple shield, second without one. but just had to pull at them before feeding. they aren’t so bad this time cause feeding kinda pulled them out more. Nicole
  • Yes I breastfeed 3. The nipple is not as inverted as it used to be that’s for sure. I tried the nipple shield with the first but it was fiddly and frustrating. The more my first nursed, the easier it got. Just a learning curve really. Theresa

  • Nipple shields are your friend. Rosemary
  • All babies are different this one may be able to latch on and suck. Nipple shields are helpfu. Pru
  •  Try using a nipple shield, or if you are really keen, get a really good lactation consultant to help you. Kelly
  •  Yes just pushed through the pain with nothing to help and eventually it was fine. Try expressing a little before feeding that helps bring it out and avoid too much pain when the baby is trying to latch. Elle
  • Oh and i used a breast pump to pull them out to latch.  Jess

  • Good luck! Krysti
  •  Yes inverted plus a tounge tied baby used a nipple shield first few weeks was extremely painful at first but 11 months on we’re still bf with no issues. Vesna
  •  Yes. Now have a very hungry 12 week old who has no problems latching and loves boobie time but in the beginning it was a nightmare.
    I actually didn’t use nipple shields like a lot of people do and I pumped around the clock for the first 6 weeks and bottle fed whilst continuing to try to breastfeed (so only gave bottle when breastfeeding wasn’t possible).

    Don’t let the pain put you off. Expect it to be painful – my nipples were tender and burnt and cracked but I persevered and when I couldn’t breastfeed because the pain was too much i pumped because it’s important to keep positive and keep your supply up. At about 6 weeks old he suddenly started latching on very well and it still hurt but I persevered and by 8 weeks he was completely breastfed and no more EBM bottle fed and my nipples were fully out and easy for him to latch. Now he is exclusively breastfed and I love the connection it has created between us and breastfeeding is a wonderful part of motherhood. I’m so glad I never gave in, even though I wanted to so many times. Don’t give up!

  • Avent sell a product called nipplette i think and it helps draw out the nipple prior to giving birth. I have flat nipples and used a medela shield for 11 weeks before my son latched naturally just out of the blue. I think I will try using the nipplette prior to my next baby. Good luck! Alishya
  • Yes, one nipple was inverted. Now breastfeeding third child and wouldn’t know it was ever inverted! Stayed out between bubs- 5yr difference! All the best. Emma
  • Yes. I used a nipple shield. Bubs actually pulled the nipple out and it never went back so was fine after that. Melanie

  • Have a look at different techniques to help online and if you’re having troubles see a lactation consultant.


  • I had a go, unfortunately my daughter cracked both nipples her first feed, nipple shields are so good, I highly recommend them, if my milk supply didn’t go I would’ve kept breast feeding. Megan

  • I fed my daughter successfully for 2 1/2 years. Didn’t use any shields or aids and I don’t think it was any more painful than my SIL who had a baby 3 days after me. Rebecca
  • Yes, although i had to use a nipple shield.
    But i found that made it easier when weaning bub to a bottle cus he was already used to the silicone from the nipple shield.
    Without the nipple shield he couldnt latch properly. Krystal
  • No Luck here. Size JJ boobs inverted and flat nipples. Had gallons of milk coming out of me. Try soooo hard ended up with mastitis rely bad. 2 weeks in was too sick to carry on the way I was. Formula babies all the way. Plus I’ve since had breast reduction surgery 8 months out from my seconds birth. Sarah
  •  I also used a nipple shield while breastfeeding. It was inconvenient but I did what I needed to do to make it work and for that I am proud. Desiree
  • I think your all incredible for trying mine are not inverted or even flat but I’m day 4 and I never knew how painful and hard this would feel. Good on uou for persevering Natasha

  • Yes I used a nipple shield till the nipple came out. Kris
    My left side was inverted… It hurt like hell! Day 5 it actually became not inverted from my persistence to keep feeding haha. It hurt like HELL but after about a week it was all good, fed her until she weaned at 10 months and then fed number two until 10 months too without a hitch. Tamika
    Comment below with your experience with breastfeeding with inverted nipples

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