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Expert Tips by an Accountant: Money Tips: Budgeting

  • Meal planning, so you shop to a list and don’t buy things you don’t use.
  • Do your groceries shop online, by not browsing you tend to only buy what’s on your list & don’t make any unnecessary purchases, also I make bread from scratch, have a veggie patch & shop mostly at markets instead of supermarkets. Also, at tax time every year we re-evaluate everything & look for better deals on everything, this tax time we saved ourselves $200 a year by changing some of our insurances, lots of ways to save money, you can also see a financial planner, they work wonders & find money you never knew you had! Xx
  • Buy meat from a wholesale. Turn off appliances at the wall.
  • Buy in bulk when on special things like toilet paper etc, fill up petrol on tue/wed, cook bigger portions so meals last a few days and leftovers can be taken for lunch by hubby. Find out if there is one of those chemist warehouses near you. You would be surprised how much you can save at those places.
  • Half vinegar + half water in a spray bottle cleans everything + kills 99.9% of bacteria! From kitchen to bathroom to windows. If u need abit of elbow grease, sprinkle ova bi-carb soda 1st. 🙂
  • For a month (or ongoing) write down every cent you spend and you can soon see where your money is going an decide where you can cut back.
  • Turn appliances off at wall, don’t use lights until dark, costs a bit at the start but a vegie patch!! Give up 1 thing each for 2 months eg takeaway, beer/alcohol etc
  • Look for free activities eg story time at the library, local festivals, in Perth their buster the funbus with free activities. Make your own snacks eg biscuits and eat some fresh and freeze the left overs. Walk whenever you can rather than using the car. Join a toy library or swap toys somewhere
  • Invest in a slow cooker so you can make really yummy meals with cheap cuts of meat eg stews etc, with lots of veg. Healthy, made ahead of time, lots left over for more than one meal. Also, don’t be afraid to buy 2nd hand- Perth Gumtree is great for kids clothes, furniture and toys
  • Layby everything. Lots of places do payment plans on white goods & furniture. Kids go through clothes fast. Get a group of friends together with kids of all different ages and when your kids grow out of clothes, bag them and swap. Don’t think badly of charity stores, they have a mix of good items. Clothes, toys, books, cutlery, furniture.
  • Put all your $2 coins in a 2 litre coke bottle, when its full you will have $2000. Perfect time to start coz it will come in handy christmas time!
  • Turn things off at the power point and make a grocery list and DO NOT buy anything not on it 🙂
  • IF you smoke. Quit.
  • Also for make a list of birthday presents for the year and shop when there are sales. For Christmas consider doing a Kris Kringle rather than buying for every individual person. For family adults you could even do that throughout the year, I think we often end up buying gifts people don’t need or even give people your time vouchers for activities you plan or a home cooked dinner… time is more valuable than money.
  • Each year I buy a large money tin put all my lose change in it don’t run air con till over 35 degree walk instead of drive the car light off unless in use washing in off peak shop to a list op shops or second Hand for kids stuff we saved enough $ to buy hubby new car 🙂 and write everything u spend down
  • Use mcns instead of disposables, buy secondhand, find your local op shops. Do all your errands on 1 day to save fuel. Sell unused items around the house.

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