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A suitcase that saves you hundreds!

Every child dreams of going on a trip to the snow, and if they’re lucky they may visit on their year 6 camp, but many families avoid going simply because the cost of buying and even hiring snow gear puts us all off.

Pinky from @pinkyandthrifty on Instagram has changed that by sharing her amazing hack that will make you wonder why you didn’t think of this sooner.

Her communal snow gear suitcase has made having a trip to the snow a little easier on the wallet by avoiding pricey hire fees or buying snow attire which can cost hundred for a family.

“It all started five years ago when a friend from my mother’s group was planning a ski trip and I lent her some of our snow gear,” Pinky explains.

save winter holiday snow gear hack

“The following year my family was going on a trip, and we borrowed some of her snow gear as well as used our own, over the years the collection has grown.”

The handy part of this hack is that nothing goes to waste, if someone grows out of something, it’s sold and a replacement goes back into the communal snow gear suitcase. 

“Each year something has been added or sold… This suitcase lives up in our roof, so it doesn’t get in the way.”

Although this travel hack only works if you have children of similar ages and you and your friends are relatively the same sizes, it could truly save you quite a bit of money.

Tips on buying cheaper snow gear

  • Always check op shops, often snow gear is bought and used very lightly, particularly children’s sizes (as they grow out of them quickly)
  • ALDI’s annual snow gear sale – for brand new, you can’t go past this sale. Get there early it doesn’t last long.
  • Check Facebook Marketplace. People often buy, use then sell snow gear that is in excellent condition. 

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