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Keep your house warm this winter for less than $3

Keeping your house warm during winter can become expensive if you’re relying on using a heater 24/7.   Help keep your family’s budget under control with this heating hack. 

What many Aussie’s forget with their evaporative aircon vents that take a break during winter is that they also let in lots of cool air.

Western Australian mum, Holly McFarlane came up with an incredible hack to solve this frosty problem. 

Using clear contact from the stationery section of the supermarket she was able to “close” the air conditioning vent resulting in lower heating bills and a much warmer house.

“We have evaporative aircon vents in the roof and during winter we have heaters running so we cover the ceiling vents with clear contact!” she explains.  “We noticed a huge difference straight away and realised how much of the heating would have been going straight out the vents- even when the vents are closed they don’t seal completely.”


Keep your house warm hack

All you need is a standard roll of clear contact, draw out an outline of the vent you want to cover, cut and stick right on the vent. 

“Just don’t forget to remove them before you use the aircon once summer arrives!” she reminds our readers.

Have you got any hacks on how to save on your energy bills during winter? Let us know what they are below.

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