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BUPA changes to the Gap cover scheme

BUPA health insurance latest changes will have a impact members.  Be sure to make an informed choice.    The information being provided by BUPA and by doctors is extremely emotive, so lets just get to the facts.


Gap cover scheme

From August 1st the gap cover scheme, which minimises out of pocket expenses, will only be available at BUPA contracted hospitals.

BUPA are the first health insurer in Australia to take this step.

BUPA are saying this will make costs from treating doctors more transparent.  They state that this will ultimately reduce the gap for patients benefit.

Treatment in a public hospital  or other hospitals not contracted with BUPA

BUPA customers will have 2 options.

Public hospitals and BUPA

Every time you visit a public hospital you are given the choice to be a private patient.   If you choose to be private you have 2 options.

  1. Firstly you can be treated by a private doctor of your choice, if there is a gap then you will need to pay this.   YOU PAY THE GAP.
  2. Secondly you may choose to be a public patient, if this is the case you will not have a choice of doctor.   YOU CHOOSE TO BE PUBLIC

BUPA and private hospitals without an agreement with BUPA.

Note BUPA state that only 4% of Australian private hospitals don’t have an agreement with them.  In 96% of private hospitals there will be NO GAP.

In the 4% of hospitals with no agreement, BUPA will cover some of your costs, this should be discussed in each case to be sure you know what your out of pocket expenses are.


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