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Easter camping - an essential checklist

Easter is the most popular time to head off camping in Australia. Many Australian families know that the secret to a successful Easter camping trip lies in what you pack.

Here is a helpful checklist of items that you do not want to leave home without.

1. A waterproof tent and groundsheet

It is essential that your tent is watertight and doesn’t leak as wet bedding and campers is a miserable experience. Remember to check the seams on the tent and the zip on the fly before leaving home. A good quality groundsheet will also protect the floor of the tent and keep it in good condition for future trips.

2. A first aid kit

Campers should always take a well-stocked first aid kit with them, especially if camping in National Parks away from facilities. Items such as saline, slings, band aids, tweezers, insect repellent and compression bandages for snake bites are essential.

3. Dustpan

The amount of sand and dirt children can carry between their toes into the tent is astounding. A dustpan will keep the floor of the tent clean, sleeping bags grit free and sanity intact.

4. Lighting

Sitting around the light of a campfire, star gazing is part of the camping experience. However it is surprising how dark it can become out in the bush. Getting changed in the tent or making a trip to the toilet will require a strong hand held lantern or head lamps.

5. Warm sleeping bags

Not only do you need a waterproof tent, you also need to be warm. Make sure you have a sleeping bag that matches the anticipated temperatures. We like to include hot water bottles as nights can be unexpectedly chilly.

6. Layers of clothes

Camping and exposing yourself to the elements means you need to dress in layers. Even camping in summer can be cool. Packing layers for warmth is key. Remember to include a beanie and warm socks for evenings.

7. A quality esky

Being able to keep food cold and stored at the right temperature is essential. Gastro in a tent? No thanks! Bags of ice melt quickly so pre-freeze as many items as you can, and pack alongside bottles of salted water. Keep the esky out of the car, in the shade, and minimise the number of times it is opened.

8. A hammer

There is nothing worse than trying to put up the tent and struggling to push the tent pegs into rock hard ground. A mallet or hammer will make the job much easier.

9. Plastic tubs

Plastic tubs are ideal for camping. They stack neatly for packing food, are easily labelled, and can be viewed without opening. They are also multi-purpose which is perfect for camping. Take for example a large plastic tub – it can be used for bathing kids then converted for washing up.

10. A camp stove

Toasted marshmallows on an open fire automatically spring to mind when thinking of camping. However total fire bans can often rule a campfire out. Plan for how you will cook a meal. A simple camp stove with a saucepan or billy will meet all your camping needs while staying safe.

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Michelle is a travel loving, pro camping, mum to two who loves to blog over at Gee You're Brave about living life and parenting with an adventurous spirit. Michelle has a Masters in Special Education, currently works at an Art Teacher for children with an intellectual disability and is passionate about helping children express themselves and reach their full potential.

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