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Caring for older children when in labour

Happy familyJust wondering what other people have done in similar situations or welcome suggestions. I’m pregnant with baby 2 and due in 10weeks. It has only just dawned on me that I don’t really know anyone that can mind my toddler while giving birth. I have no family close by and no close friends. I have never used a babysitter before and although there are lovely mums in my mothers group, I feel its a pretty big ask. Unless my toddler happens to be in daycare the time baby wants to come, the only option I can think of is to birth without my husband so he can mind our little girl. The thought of labour alone is scary. Anyone else been in this position?

  • Ask if any of the girls at your childs day care center babysit. you might be able to arrange for one of them to take your little one at short notice if you go into labor. Brenda
  • I’m not sure what to say as most mums here have answered all the options available it seems. But just wanted to say I gave birth to my second bub alone, partner missed the birth by 20 mins as he is fifo. So I just wanted to say don’t be scared! We are women and we are amazing! I was scared too at the idea he wouldn’t make it, but when labour started I remembered just how strong I was! Emma
  • You’d probably be surprised at how willing your mums group friends will be to help out. Don’t be afraid to ask! Nell
  • if someone asked me from my mothers group to watch their little one while another was arriving I’d be pleased to do it and honoured to be asked:) maybe put out a general enquiry to them I’m sure someone wouldn’t mind helping you out:) Stephanie
  • Have you thought about a student midwife to support you. Most public hospitals have them looking for mothers to support. Then you know you will have someone with you the whole time in case hubby needs to be with toddler. Or you could hire a doula Peta
  • ask someone from mothers group! They won’t mind at all, and it will mean they can call in a fav from u. I adore all the kids in my mothers group and wouldn’t think twice about looking after any of them. I think lots of people are in it situation and it’s often a relief to b asked to mind someone else’s kids as it means they have someone else to ask. My mothers group keeps talking about looking after each other’s kids but no one has asked yet. I’m sure that as soon as 1 person asks everyone will start doing it Louise
  • There have been some pretty amazing photo’s on facebook recently of a dad babywearing their toddlwr on his back while his wife gave birth. A toddler sized Tula or Kinderpack will fit a toddler and you can hardly feel them there. I would give that a go Sammy
  • Maybe consider taking your daughter with you Toni
  • I was in the same position as you. I spoke with daycare and they agreed to take my toddler on the non daycare days and one of the workers there who my son loves also offers baby sitting so we had her lined up in case we were still in hospital when the centre closed. It worked out perfectly! Did the drop off pregnant and picked him up with his new baby brother (quick labour) and had hubby with me the whole time. Talk to daycare and ask if any staff baby sit, they already kniw your child which is a million times better than a stranger. Good luck! Mel
  • I had kind of the same situation and considered the same thing of not having my husband while giving birth so he could stay with our toddler. I had another option which was to use one of his carers from daycare as a babysitter, spoke to her and explain the situation and she said she was happy to babysit If needed for $20 an hr. Maybe you can ask the same to one of the carers of your toddlers daycare? At least is someone your toddler knows and feels comfortable with. Good luck!! Adriana
  • if I was a mum in your groupi would love to help. Don’t be afraid to ask I’m sure they would like to help too Libby
  • I gave birth to my 3rd alone for similar reasons. It was the best birth of all 4! No one to worry about except yourself.. It was actually an amazing empowering experience Rachael
  • If it’s during the day, your childcare centre may take baby 1 for the day? If you ask the girls, they may take it in turns to take bubs for a few hours each? Good luck! Missy
  • i too had the same problem. The hospital was very understanding, and my son stayed in the room with dad, until it was push time, and several people helped us, all worked at the hospital. Talk to your dr, midwife next visit, they may have some options. Maree
  • Give “Family Life” a call, they can help refer you to a service to look after your young one, also you may be entitled to a free nanny through Family Life as well. Amazing group of people who are all fully qualified social workers and know how to help no matter what the issue may be. www.familylife.com.au Bec
  • I’m in a similar circumstance with my current pregnancy. Family lives about half hour away in good traffic and I do have a couple of friends who’ve offered but they have young kids of their own. If pregnancy goes well and I labour early, my son will come with us and family will be called to take care of him. I’ll be packing him a bag as well as my labour bag so that when labour does happen, his bag is done and we can leave. Lisa
  • have you considered having your toddler there with you? I was there at my brother’s birth at 2 yrs and still have very fond memories of it. Caitlin
  • I had my 2nd baby almost 5 weeks ago & long story short, ended up having her in emergency as I left it really late to get to hospital. My 2 year old was there for all of one minute & I will never forget the look on her face when I started pushing. She looked horrified & I am so glad a nurse quickly grabbed her & took her away. Of course all experiences are different & if there’s some pain relief involved it might b better, I don’t know, but I still feel guilty that she had to see me scream like that so I wouldn’t willingly have her in the room with me if there was another option. Good luck x Shelley
  • I ended up asking My Neighbour i Never Met before-on the day 6am ish My Baby was Born at home In Bath by 7am ish it was All Over i had 2 toddlers. Turns out Neyba/Midwife had 2 homebirths of her Own. so that worked Out! When You Take Your Toddler to Your Nearest Park You might be able to Meet A Willing Helpful Mum i was told the Ambulance has to take Our Children to hospital too & after My 2nd Homebirth 5th child My 4 oldest came with Me and Baby in Ambulance So Sendn Positive Blessings Your Way for You & Your Growing Family to Get The Perfect Support Ladonia

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