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Size of family: Are people entitled to an Opinion

So you’re having a big family. Should others get to have an opinion on the size of your tribe? Or do others opinions mean sweet F.A. when it comes to your procreation plans? You spoke up. Here’s what you said.

trying to fall pregnant

When did you tell people you were trying to fall pregnant?

Q&A: We are about to start trying for another baby. How long would you wait to tell family and friends you’re trying to fall pregnant? Or would you tell them when you conceive?

should i have more kids

Should I Have More Kids

Q&A: We currently have 3 gorgeous boys (4,2 and 1) and I can’t shake that feeling that our family isn’t complete. My husband doesn’t understand the feeling I have but I just want to know how do you know when you have finished? Finance isn’t really an issue so it is possible for us to have another child. It’s driving me insane! Should I have more kids!

Introducing dogs to babies

Introducing dog to baby

Q&A: Does anybody have any advice on introducing dog to baby? We have a lovely natured 18month old staffy but he’s still very playful. He’s great with bigger children but I’m apprehensive about introducing him to the baby


When did you know you were done having babies?

Q&A: When did you know you were done having babies? we have 5 and I thought I was done but lately thinking just one more would be nice , our kids are g10 g 8 b7 g5 g 10 months

Close friend/family has the same name choice for baby

Q&A: This might seem trivial, but what have other parents done when someone close to you (practically family) has chosen the same name for their bub as you? Have you still named your child the same name or what did you do?

Caring for older children when in labour

Parent Tips: Parents share their experience with finding an option for older children when in labour and no family or friends near by

{CRAFT} Snail Mail Hug

{CRAFT} This is a cute little idea that is great for family who live far away or for someone who is feeling a little down and could use a “Hug” or even just a surprise piece of mail!

Miscarriage – What did friends/family do that helped?

Q&A: What did family/friends do that helped? Was there anything that didn’t help or made you feel worse?

infinity christmas


“It is easy to create a little magic at Christmas for our children – and it is impossible to know what the experience of joy and hope and togetherness on this one day will have on them as a person, or on the person that they will become. The magic of a single individual and its impact should never be underestimated…”

christmas tips

5 Hacks For Surviving Christmas!

“I have found, over several years and many family festive seasons, that the best way to get through Christmas is to just accept it for what it is (and for what it is not)”. Here are five tips to help you not only survive, but enjoy one of a parent’s most stressful days of the year.

Whooping Cough and unvaccinated family members

Parenting tips: Parents share how they convinced family members to get their whooping cough vaccine

Family Christmas Traditions – What Will Your Kids Remember?

Q&A: Do you have any traditions in your family? How does Santa visit your house? Does he leave sacks at the end of beds, under the tree, wrapped individually or all just in the sack, does Santa bring the 1 present & the rest from Mum & Dad or vice versa?

Age gaps Between Your Children

Q&A: What age gap do you have between your kids? What are the pros and cons of that gap from your experience? See responses from other parents.