Mixed feeding

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The practical guide to mixed feeding your baby

Mixed feeding a little person is the best of all worlds but it’s not without challenges.  Got questions about bottle vs breast, about transitioning your little one between the two?  We bring you advice from experts and practical tips from our community of a quarter of a million parents…who’ve been there before.  We believe that the best information for mums and dads is factual, helpful and full of insights from people who have had the same struggles (and victories) as you.  That’s why Baby Hints and Tips is Australia’s most loved community for new baby health, wellbeing and happiness!

Breastfeeding journey

My breastfeeding journey was different each time

Breastfeeding can be hard. What I never realised though was that my struggles and my breastfeeding journey would be different with each baby. The first time breastfeeding I remember going …

Mix feeding for a student mum

Parenting Tip: I’m due to have my 3rd baby soon, its been 5 years since I’ve had a new born. Just wondering if anyone has advice on how to breastfeed and give formula

Moving from Breastfeeding to Formula

Parenting Tips: Parents share their experience on switching from breastmilk to formula and the challenges involved

formula feeding tips

Mix Feeding – Breast and Bottle

Q&A: I am pregnant with number 3. I have discussed with my Dr, my midwives and my partner and due to our health and family circumstances we would like to combine feed. Just looking for advice from others who have done this and how they did it, and what they found worked and didn’t.