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Moving from Breastfeeding to Formula

Feeding baby bottleI’m after some advice on switching my 8.5 month old from breastmilk to formula. What formula have people used after breast feeding? What bottles?

  • Nan Ha Gold recommended by my paediatrician. Closest to breast milk and easier to digest, also good with allergy prone bubbas. I used Pidgon bottles which were the only ones my bub would take – also helped with colic. Kirstie
  • Nan pro ha gold was amazing I had a prem bub and he couldn’t handle s26 or prem gro. $22 a tin bit more expensive but worth it Rene
  • Bellamy’s organic Rachael
  • I use nan ha gold and Tommee tippee miomee bottles. this Formula is supposed to be the closest to breast milk, and the bottles are great, supposed to be similar to mums nipple. Kira-Lee
  • Medela bottles and Bellamy’s Organic formula. Becci
  • Goats milk formula has the closest molecular makeup to breastmilk.. It is often gentler on babies tummies (although it smells more than cows milk..) Kerryn
  • I use avent bottles and bellamys organic formula, I’ve also used s26 but prefer bellamys. Nel
  • I put my girls on karicare formula and tommee tippee bottles and had no dramas with either of them Christine
  • Tomee Tippee bottles now he’s 10 months but used Avent ones when he was smaller. And for the most of it I’ve used S26 newborn original. U can use it up past 6 m and 12 m Jacente
  • I have type one diabetes that I’ve had for 14 years and although I hate needles as much as the next person sometimes insulin can be a good thing!!! You don’t want your baby developing diabetes later on in life/as a child… I’m glad I knew what I was doing before I fell pregnant I’m 32 and a half weeks and I had an ultrasound on 32 weeks and they told me that baby was the size of a 35 week baby… Scares the crap out of me but looking at inducing me early anyway… Kirsten
  • avent bottles and nan ha gold worked for us Claire
  • same here prem bubba and used Nan HA Gold. I loved dr brown bottles to manage wind and reflux for my bub. Nicolee
  • We use karicare soy. I didn’t like the idea of giving my 9 month old so much dairy. We use avent bottles. She still has one or two breastfeeds a day and two or three bottles of formula Carly
  • I use Karicare and absolutely LOVE OUR Medela Bottles Nicole
  • Organic cows milk or organic rice milk Natalie
  • Used Nan Ha Gold, was told by the pharmacist it was the closest to breast milk. She was ok till 10 months but then started to get constipated, so paediatrician recommended S26 Comfort (it has vegetable oil in it to soften poos). I think the Closer to Nature bottles are the best! Tried Avent before but she liked the bigger teats that Closer to Nature have (similar to breast, more natural feeding). Viviane
  • I use nan ha. Supposedly it’s the closet consistency to breast milk Danielle
  • S26 Gold Sally
  • I have to mix feed and I use NAN comfort and avent bottles Sarah
  • I use nan comfort although changing to nan AR with closer to nature bottles Jess
  • nan ha gold, its what they use in the nicu and bub has had no constipation.i have avent and miomee bottles. Bec
  • I’m trying avent bottles to but not having much luck. My 8 month old hates formula and he just won’t take it. It’s really hard and I just give in and breastfeed him. Sally
  • Karicare aptimal gold and avent bottles. Used with both my girls and never constipated. Also must give water when on formula. Samantha
  • Karicare Plus its $19 a can at Big W or $ 21 a can at Woolworths Kershel
  • I’ve found the NAN H.A gold the best formula and the tommee tippie “moimee” bottles to be best honestly. My baby has attached to them with ease, the formula did constipate him for three days but that’s his tummy getting used to the formula. You can get gel suppositories for day three, it’s just glycerol so it puts moisture into the colon/bowel and helps with the initial bowel movement. Trust me day three or any longer and your going to have a bad time…. My baby was so uncomfortable and I could feel it in my guts…. So I did something about it and after all the backed up-ness was rectified he went onto doing two bowel movements a day, sometimes three but with complete ease. All formulas will constipated babies as they are getting used to it but I found NAN H.A gold the best as it has something in it for easy digestion and haven’t had a problem since. Keep the suppositories on hand to help the little one out also I’ve been making sure my baby gets water as well ( with a dash of ribena) water helps with bowel movements and formula tends to make them thirsty unlike breast milk. Natalie
  • I’ve been using s-26 gold for many years with both my kids! No problems! Both went from BF to it! Lacey
  • nan comfort number 2 after 6 months Kate
  • I use S26 GOLD && AVENT bottles, works great for my bubba Hannah
  • We use nan comfort after trialling others. They just made my lo constipated. And we have some agent bottles but I also bought some cheaper bottles from Woolies and just replaced the teats with avent teats. Robyn
  • Karicare (normal not gold) my DD loves it and I mix feed with some breast. I also use the Avent bottles. It did take my DD two nights to get used to having formula but now she loves it. Nessa
  • S26Gold with avent bottles Sherree
  • I use the aldi formula – didn’t make my son constipated at all & it fills him up better than the popular brands Amanda
  • s26 gold 2 – avent or miomee or Closer to nature Angela
  • Heinz nurture was great for my babies. S26 gave my first constipation too. Never had any issues with Heinz. Renee
  • Bellamy’s Organic and Closure to Nature bottles Michelle
  • Nan Ha Gold Shaimea
  • Organic formula all the way. You can get it from woolworths. Never had a problem with it. Heidi
  • S26 Gold. Have used it since bub was 2 weeks old, never had a problem. I use Avent bottles and same, no problems. Linda

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