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Woolies getting behind differently-abled kids

The Fresh Food people have opened a new Woolies, but this isn’t your average grocer, this Woolies is located at St. Gabriel’s School in Castle Hill.

St. Gabriel’s caters to differently-abled children from K-12, this new addition supported by Woolworths and Fujitsu will help the children build on their independence by working on their communication and numeracy skills. 

“We are very excited by the authentic learning experience made available by Woolworths and Fujitsu for our students” says Jon Franzin, Principal at St Gabriel’s. “We see use of the payment registers as increasing skills that are transferable to the workplace and for life”.

 Woolworths and Fujitsu Australia partnered to create “Gabe’s Fresh Food”, the integration and installation of real payment registers, shelves stocked with real goods plus menty of signage, baskets and accessories for the mini store located at the school.

“Gabe’s Fresh Food is a very special version of a Woolworths store,” Angelo Clayton, Woolworths Group general manager of IT, told the Hills Shire Times.

“It has real products, real ticketing, signage, uniforms and name badges for the students to immerse themselves in an authentic supermarket experience — a fantastic way to learn a great number of skills.”

This is the second implementation of a mini Woolies at a school, with the first opening at St. Edmunds College. 

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