Post partum

Post partum Advice and Tips

Helping you with all your postpartum questions.  From hair loss, to bleeding after giving birth, we have expert advice and tips to get you through.


Modibodi post partum

ModiBodi helped me feel normal post-partum

Post-partum bleeding can be much heavier than an average period. Tampons are not recommended, maternity pads are uncomy, Modibodi is a fabulous alternative

bleeding after birth

Bleeding after birth and what to expect

After birth every woman will experience a post-birth bleed known as lochia. This is the body’s way of removing excess blood and tissue from the uterus.

Surviving the post birth period

Ideas for surviving postpartum through the challenges and high expectations we put on ourselves as parents. Such as learn to say no to avoid over committing

Post-Partum Hair Loss

Im 4 months post baby and my hair is falling out in chunks! I know that while pregnant you don’t shed thats the reason for the loss, but is there …