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ModiBodi helped me feel normal post-partum

Being dramatic may be one of the many ways people describe me, however, I remain adamant that post-partum is nothing that life prepares you for. For one, you bleed. Like A LOT.

I thought it would be like maybe a touch heavier than your average period, but no. It is one heavy mother. And… the clots. They are scary. I passed one in the hospital and pushed the emergency button as I thought my uterus was falling out of me. I was terrified. Why had nobody shared this incredibly frightening part of giving birth?!

Modibodi post partum review I’m also not a fan of pads, never have been. I’ve been a tampon girl since my teens and now as a more environmentally conscious adult have opted to use a menstruation cup, but they aren’t recommended post-birth.

So, when I was handed what looked like an adult nappy for my post-partum bleeding, I was shocked. I tried them, all shapes and sizes and it was a no go. They are SO big. I always felt like despite this they would leak, and they did. You could see the mattress I’d shoved between my legs to contain the bleeding through my pants and in general, it wasn’t comfortable.

This is when a fellow mum at my mother’s group mentioned she had swapped to ‘period undies’, and sent me the link to ModiBodi. A period undie that saved you from having to use pads, tampons and other hygiene products that end up killing our planet by sitting in landfill.

Modibodi postpartum review Did you know that the average woman throws away over 130kgs of pads, tampons and applicators in their lifetime? If I could help it, I wanted to avoid adding to this and was so happy that a company was around that was able to help women become more eco-friendly.

However, I have to be honest, I was a bit skeptical that a pair of knickers would be able to contain a few drops let alone a heavy period. But after wearing my first pair (the Classic Bikini Heavy), that all disappeared. They are super comfortable, feel breathable and the absorbent lining is just 3mm which you don’t even notice.

Just an FYI, you do feel the blood come out, which you normally would post-partum, but free-bleeding into a pair of knickers can take some getting used to. That being said the blood or sweat wicks away super quick so you don’t feel like you’re damp for long.

Modibodi maternity wear review With the amazingness I found with the ModiBodi knickers, I decided to also purchase their maternity Breastfeeding singlet, because let’s be honest, breast pads are even less comfy and double the waste. Again, I loved the singlet! Forget walking around with wet patches on your boobies, the ModiBodi breastfeeding singlet keeps 10ml in each cup so that’s perfect for the lactating mama.

The best part is, you can just throw both the undies and singlet straight into the wash with the rest of your laundry. If you haven’t tried ModiBodi and are looking for an alternative to pads, tampons and breast pads, give ModiBodi a go. Not only will your body thank you for it, but you’ll be helping save the planet.

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