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Post-Partum Hair Loss

Im 4 months post baby and my hair is falling out in chunks! I know that while pregnant you don’t shed thats the reason for the loss, but is there anything I can do to slow it down the post partum hair loss or prevent it? I’ve heard taking prenatal vitamins may help, has anyone tried and been successful to slow down the post-partum hair loss? It is driving me crazy!

post-partum hair loss

Not much helps

  • There’s not much you can do. Mine started falling out in chunks when my son was around 3/4 months old and lasted around 6 weeks. Mine was mainly around my temples and I almost went completely bald in that area, it looked like I had a reseeding hair line, very attractive lol. Now I have 3 inch long tufts where it’s growing back. Jessie
  • Nothing I did made any difference. It lasted about 6 weeks. Don’t panic. ALL the hair that fell out is growing back now with a vengeance. Roselea
  • Unfortunately there’s not much you can do. Mine has just started growing back. I have echidna hair now lol Jess
  • Nothing worked for me. Shedding started when DS was 3 months old and is only just slowing down now and he is 8 months. When he was around 6 months old I started growing new hair so I have these short/spiky bits around my hairline Helena

It is normal

  • Very normal to have hair loss especially if your breastfeeding. The 4 months mark is apparently the time where it’s at it’s worst. Going through it myself. Kristy

Check your thyroid

  • Have your thyroid checked – I had the same problem when I had my son – a quick blood test determined my thyroid had stopped worked! Jude
  • I had the same issue around the same time with my first. At first I thought it was just post-baby hair loss then it got worse. I went to the doctors hoping they’d give me a herbal supplement or something for it. Had blood tests done & turned out I had hyperthyroidism!! Hair loss is a symptom! As is irritability, anxiety, excessive tiredness & weightless. After I found out I had it I got on the scales & realised I had lost the 10kgs I gained in pregnancy + 5 more! If ur concerned see ur doctor & have blood tests done as it can be quite bad for ur health Terese

I lost HEAPS

  • I had heaps fall out after bubs no. Two. To the point I was side combing the bald Regan

Other comments and suggestions

  • it could be a change of season malt as well. Erin
  • Mine has started falling out too I’m still taking my prenatal vitamins but it’s not really working… I’ll just deal with it! Jessica
  • OmG i lost hair too. I didn’t know that it was normal.my doc told me to use any anti fungal shampoo instead of the regular one. It helped a lot Suman
  • I take silica Marie
  • with both children I have lost a lot of hair in the months following. Usually from about 2-6 months. It does grow back,I have about 5cm spikes coming up through my hair now. Wish they would stay down! I have taken vitamins the while time and still have it, I don’t think there is anything you can do, it’s hormonal. Melissa
  • I have been religious in taking my prenatal vitamins before, during and currently as breastfeeding. My bubs is 4 months and my hair is falling out everywhere so I don’t think they have made a difference to my hair loss, hoping it slows down soon Kelly
  • My hairs all over the house! I take bf vitamins plus extra iron, zinc, calcium and magnesium. Has not stopped it falling out though. I’m still BFing. Hayley
  • Totally normal and continued until i stopped nursing at 10.5 months Danielle
  • My doctor told me to take zinc and that really helped Sam
  • If you are breast feeding this also causes your hair too fall out! Sorry to say a healthy can sometimes mean not looking your best, but it’s worth it I’m still breast feeding at 9mths and it’s only just eased off. Carissa
  • Unfortunately there isn’t much you can do, mine started when bubs was 4 months and fell out in clumps for 4-5 months! I even went to docs and dermatologist who said there was nothing I could do. My bubs is now 13 months and I have 2-3 inch new growth which looks awful but at least it’s coming back! Headbands are my best friend Luanne
  • You can get a hair and nails vitamin. I was dx with contact alopecia after my second child wS born, it was worse than the normal hormone levels balancing out. My hair fall out in chunks also, doctor suggested I not tie it up tight, and only wash and brush it gentle and not too often. It took about 12 months for it to stop falling out after the last two pregnancies. Also, mine was mostly around my hair line, I have recently had my hair layered so the baby growth blends in. Karla
  • it’s completely normal if you breast feed it can prolong when it happens but normal Lucy
  • On the hair falling out – try Hairdresser’s Formula Hair Nutrition – it’s great! Unfortunately hair loss after pregnancy is unavoidable due to hormonal changes but this supplement improves hair quality and makes regrowth faster in my opinion and was recommended by my hairdresser Too
  • My bub is 8 months old & my hair is still falling out. It is starting to slow down tho. I’ve been taking preg multivitamins the whole time & it hasn’t made any difference. Kristy
  • my hair fell out a heap after all 3 of my kids. once i stopped B/F it settled. i figured all my bodies nutrients were going to the baby and my milk instead of me lol Natalie
  • So scary isn’t it happened with my first and now that my dd is 3m I’ve noticed my hair is once again starting to fall out it’s completely natural and u won’t go bald Alicia
  • I’m 6 months pp and mine stopped a couple of weeks ago. During pregnancy my hair got thicker but then started falling out in clumps about a month after I had my son. I’m not sure if it’s a coincidence but I had a haircut about 5 weeks ago and it seemed to make a difference. Katie
  • Nope sorry! I have lost massive amounts after all 4 bubs. I dread it each time! My last is now 6 months and Zgrowing back I am rocking the spikey fringe look… Michelle
  • I have been losing lots too and always do after. Clumps as well. This morning I washed my hair and looking in mirror it looked different at front, I have all these short bits. I thought I might have burnt my hair off using straighter yesterday. Maybe it’s just the spikey fringe look too Claire
  • Mine fell out for a couple of months from About 3-4 months my hairdresser said it’s normal but connected it to weaning which I wasn’t at the time. Now at 10 months I’ve got a lot of hair growing back. Kat
  • Your hair thickens during pregnancy so it’s just that extra hair falling out I was beside myself too but haven’t gone bald just yet lol Sarah
  • Mine has just started falling out in chunks at 6 months pp. following this! Amy
  • Happened to me with both my boys not the girls all was good after about 8 -10 weeks and grew back it really freaked me out . If worried check with your doc

What, if anything, helped with your hair loss once baby was born?

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