Halloween with kids

Trick or treat, dressing up and exploring the neighbourhood, there is so much excitement to be had at Halloween.  Or celebrate at home with a Halloween party. 

If you are trick or treating it is important to stay safe, stay in a group, supervise children closely, respect families who don’t celebrate Halloween and most of all have fun.

Halloween Recipe

Halloween Safety

Halloween trick or treat hacks

Halloween Hacks for Trick or Treating

Whether you’re a parent that loves or dreads this newly adopted American occasion, chances are your kids will not only know about it, they’ll probably have started begging you to …

red dragon costume for babies

10 of the best Halloween costumes for kids

Looking for a Halloween costume for kids can be quite a task, we have rounded up the best Halloween costumes. Scary or cute costumes we have you covered.

Halloween recipes

Rice Bubble Frankensteins: Easy Halloween Cooking for Kids

Halloween doesn’t have to be a single nights celebration. Get into the spooky spirit with your kids the whole month of October with Halloween cooking, decorating and craft to help …

10 Gender Neutral Halloween Costumes for Any Budget!

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allergy friendly marshmallow

Allergy Friendly Marshmallow Halloween Mummy

A deliciously light and fluffy treat. Allergy friendly marshmellow that is perfect to serve up for Halloween or with no decorations for regular marshmellow

halloween party

Hosting a Halloween party on a budget

How to host a Halloween party on a budget – we have ideas for Halloween games, spooky Halloween food and cheap Halloween decorations.

Halloween Cupcakes

Halloween Cupcake: A great everyday cupcake recipe with some fun decorating ideas to create a Halloween theme. Ideal for a Halloween party.

8 Tips for a Safe & Street Friendly Halloween

Create a Halloween Friendly Street and a safe environment for all. Your kids will love trick or treating and it is a great way to bring the community together

Halloween Signs for your Door

Want to let all the Trick-or-Treaters passing your house know that you have goodies to share or that you don’t want to be disturbed? Do you have treats that are suitable for kids with allergies? One of our signs are sure to suit. Just print and stick on your door