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8 Tips for a Safe & Street Friendly Halloween

halloween friendly streetIf you live in a family friendly street it is quite likely that the kids will want to get into the spirit (no pun intended) of Halloween. This of course opens up a can of works for the grown-ups to ensure that the kids remain safe whilst enjoying the celebration and also that neighbours’ wishes are respected.

Depending on the size of your street you may need to enlist the help of a few other parents to ensure it all runs smoothly and to share the workload. We have put together a list of things you can do to ensure your street can enjoy the fun of Halloween without any safety and harassment issues arising.

  1. Either door knock every house in the street or leave notes in the letterbox letting your neighbours know that kids will be celebrating Halloween and asking them to let you know whether they wish to participate. Be sure to put your contact details on the note and if you are tech friendly, you could start a Facebook group for your street or just for the event to keep everyone informed.
  1. Print out our signs or make your own and distribute to neighbours to put on their door so that everyone knows whose door they should be knocking on.
  1. Ask those that are participating to tie orange and black balloons from their letterboxes so it is very clear if they are taking part or not.
  1. Ask the neighbours to leave their front light on during the evening so that the street is well lit for the safety of all involved.
  1. Ask people to indicate if their children will be trick or treating and ask that a parent accompanies the child/children from each family. Ensure no child is unaccompanied during the evening.
  1. Remind all kids taking part that they need to be aware of cars on the street and not to accept the sweets from anyone driving past or to get into any cars or to go into any homes to accept treats even if there is a parent waiting for them at the front of the house.
  2. Ask parents to ensure the kids costumes have some sort of reflective tape or a glow stick etc. on their costumes so that the kids are visible on the street.
  1. Advise all households that only individually wrapped sweets are to be given out. Make sure all kids know they are not to accept or eat any sweets that are not individually wrapped in store packaging.

If everyone works together a great night can be had by all without any injuries or issues arising.

What do you do on your street to make it safe and Halloween friendly?


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