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Children in the delivery room

siblings in the delivery roomQ: Has anyone had their younger child /children in the delivery room while in labour and actual delivery? And if so how old were they? And was the experience beneficial? Considering having my son in when I’m close to giving birth (he will be two and a half when the time comes)

  • This was a small concern for me too however I gave birth to my son on Christmas Day 4 weeks ago at home in the water and yes my 22 month old son was present. This was a decision both my hubby and i agreed on as we felt it important that our son be i I know it may sound wacky but what made our decision easier was knowing that I am a quiet, mediative birther, that we were birthing at home where our son felt comfortable, and we made a conscious effort to set it up so that the environment was calm (soft music and candles) so our son was not scared at all. We also had my sister in law come and look after him (just in case he didnt handle it she could take him away and outside) and had arranged with her that once the baby was born could she bring him straight in. As it turned out throughout the labour he was surprisingly calm, intuitive and perceptive. He played with his toys and would occasionally come in to me and rub my hands and give me kisses. I assured him ‘ Mumma is ok and that baby will be here soon’. I birthed our second son at 4 in the afternoon and once our older son heard the baby cry from the lounge room he ran in excited saying ‘baby baby’ we gently hushed him and he was amazed and excited and just wanted to be close to the baby. It was a truly special experience, I couldn’t have imagined it to go any better and we wouldn’t change it for the world…. Each to their own though as every labour is different and every child is different…. I’d have a back up plan ready to go but in the end you need to do what you think would be suitable for yougood luck xxxKatie
  • I haven’t, but I think at that age it wouldn’t be beneficial to him. He won’t understand why your in pain and most likely get upset.  I think it’s a great idea for older children 10+ that want to be apart of an amazing experience.   In the end its entirely up to you  good luck – Auri
  • We just had our second bub in September. Our son was 3.5yrs. I was in labour at home for nearly 4.5hrs, breathing through the contractions, crying (though trying not to) and occasionally having to get down on my knees to alleviate the pressure. Myson was scared and kept rushing to his dad telling him “mummy’s hurt, she needs you”. We had to send him ti his grandads house and he was still telling hubby to help mummy while they were strapping him into the car. Personally, I think seeing mum in full blown labour and birthing a baby is not something for young children to witness. And as others have said, what happens if it becomes an emergency situation? To each their own, no judgements, but it certainly would have traumatised our little boyRebecca
  • The hospital told me no one under 18 is permitted in the delivery room. I know several people that have had their young children involved in home births and loved it. I would be concerned about an emergency situation? – Kerryn
  • I think 2 1/2 might be a bit young plus that 1:1 bonding time between new bub and mum is so valuable. There will be heaps of time to get other siblings involved once the baby is on the ward or home (my 2.5 year old girl loved helping bath both my sons and loved cuddling them in hospital. She also loved the day she spent with my parents when I was in labour they made her feel very special!! with baby # 2 my daughter arrived after he was born but we were still in birth suites and it was all a bit confusing for all of us bc I didn’t want her to feel excluded but I’d literally just had a baby and wanted the skin to skin time with him too. With number 3 the kids came in when I was up on the ward and that was much better because bub was sleeping and I could give the other two some attention and they got to meet him in a less stressful environment. Up to you though but also check with the hospital they may have rules. Good luck – Catherine
  • At 2.5 I don’t think they would know what was going on and the situation could make them upset and confused. Maybe have someone at the hospitail who can watch him/her and bring them into see you, that way if there are complications or a long labour you don’t have to worry and concentrate on what you have to do : ) good luck. Side question- would a hospital even allow it? – Cassandra
  • Do you really want your baby to see you in pain? Personally, I don’t think the delivery room is no place for a child but, each to their own – Bernadette
  • I think at that age it might actually be a bit scary for him. He won’t be able to understand it well enough – Gennevieve
  • we contemplated it with my 4.5yr old, she watched one born every minute religiously while I was pregnant and understood a lot, however she doesn’t like seeing people she loves in pain and definitely wouldn’t have coped with me being in the pain I was. Up to you, depends on the child and also how you cope in labour – Megan

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