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Christmas Baking with the Kids – Tips, Tricks and Memories

Christmas baking with the kidsChristmas baking with the kids – what do you like to cook with your kids? How do you get them to help?

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  • Type your respective Christmas question (treats or crafts) into Google images. I have gotten so many fantastic ideas from this. You get to see a picture of the finished product and it shows a link you can use to get the recipe/ process. Carmen
  •  Short bread cookies, ginger bread house / train, plum pudding… My ds helps with icing , mixing , checking timer etc. 
  • mince pies…so yum…I get them to help me stir and mix and cut the pastry. Camilla
  •  For the past few years my daughter n I have bought one of the ginger bread house kits! It’s already baked, u just glues it all together with the icing they give u and decorate it how u like! We have so much fun doing this, she spent ages last year decorating, and has already asked when we r doing it again this year! We also make Chrissie cookies, just get them to help put ingredients in the bowl, help mix it, and they can help use the cookie cutters.   Sarah

What are your favourite recipes for Christmas baking with the kids?

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