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Circumcision in an older infant

Circumcision in older infants

Circumcisions for older infants – Community Discussion

I am wanting some information about circumcision in an older infant. We had considered a circumcision when our son was still an infant but due to other health reasons were unable at the time. He is now 9 months and has been given the all clear. We were told that a circumcision could be beneficial in the long run to prevent infections due to a kidney problem. What were other mums experiences at this age?

  • My son was circumcised for medical reasons at 11 months old (he was born with a complex hyperspadeus). If a surgeon believed it was medically necessary then they would perform the surgery under Medicare. We had no choice, our son had to have the surgery. The penis was terribly swollen and bruised and took quite a few months to heal. Verlie
  • We had our son circumcised when he was 12 months. He needed it done due to a birth condition called Hypospadias. The surgery was very quick and he wasn’t in pain for very long. He hasn’t had any problems since the surgery and it has healed perfectly well. They sent home medication if there was any further pain at home but he recovered quite quickly. Simone

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