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should i circumcise my babyCircumcision is a hot topic amongst our readers of late, so we are asking you to share the answer to should I circumcise my baby.

1. What pro’s helped you make your decision to circumcise?

2. Were there any con’s associated with this decision?

3. Where was it done (state and city if possible)? How much did it cost? More replies on where to get you baby circumcised here

4. How old was your child?

  •  We got our son done at 5 wks old at the Perth circumcision clinic WA with Dr Levitt. He was very good. It was the hardest decision i have made but as it was my partners family tradition we decided for it. The only con was after the procedure until my son was settled but he then fell asleep on the way home and it never worried him again he didnt show any signs of being in pain again and it was healed within 10 days. It cost about $400. I no we made the right decision for our family. Clair
  • Both my sons were circumcised young (3wks & 4.5wks) @ Keysborough, VIC for a little under $450. We had them done for a few reasons, family tradition, health/cleanliness & prevention of future issues (we know multiple men who had to be circumcised over the age of 11yrs). There have been no long term cons, it took about 10 days to heal & about 1 month for the pink colour to start to fade. Chris
  • I’m in Victoria & had my son done when he was 2-3weeks old. I think there are no cons if you find a very reputable doctor to do the procedure. I used Dr Goldman (in Noble park) Having worked in the hospital industry with nurses & a friend whom is a urology specialist nurse (& she encounters horrid issues everyday I knew that when men are older & loose the ability to care for themselves they are very embarrassed & can be hostile when nurses have to come in to clean their penis several times a day. Also having your son circ’d not only protects him it protects his future partners from stds esp HIV virus that has become prevalent more recently. It also avoids the possibility of the penis becoming infected (esp when they are little bc the foreskin doesn’t retract til around the age of 2yrs) due to not being cleaned correctly. Also the penis can become “strangled” by the foreskin causing pain etc & leading older men requiring to be circ’d My son was done in 2mins.. He was fine by the time doc bought him back to me & I just had to keep the area gauged & clean for a week I highly suggest it to all my mummy friends when they have lil boys. Sherree

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