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Circumcision Perth

Circumcision is a procedure which parents may wish to get done for their children for various reasons. However, with varying laws and clinics in each state we made this guide specifically for Perth parents to help you make your decision. However, this is only a guide, it’s important that before you make your final decision that you consult with your doctor.

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How would one get a circumcision in Perth?

How one goes about getting a circumcision is dependent on their reason for doing so. In all of Australia, circumcisions are banned in public hospitals except for medical necessities. If you think your child might need circumcision for medical reasons (such as conditions around the size of the foreskin or recurring bacterial or fungal infections under the foreskin) you must contact your GP immediately. However, for reasons other than medical you will need to get a referral from your GP to a private practise, specialist clinic or private hospital (see some examples below). The general age that is recommended for circumcisions to occur is over the age of 6 months old, due to the use of anaesthetic. It is crucial you discuss the medical risks and benefits with your GP.

Perth Circumcision and Brit Malah (Bris)

Circumcisions preformed by a Mohel (Commonly known as Bris) are a crucial part of the Jewish naming ceremony for boys. Generally, these would be organised by a rabbi and may be preformed in the synagogue itself or in your own home (depending on what services your synagogue provides). However, this is banned within many states and so it is necessary to consult with your synagogue and local laws to understand what services can be provided to you. Often, if Brit Malah are considered illegal in your area, your synagogue will provide alternative ceremonies.

Where would one get a Circumcision in Perth?

Perth Circumcision Clinic –¬†Herdsman Specialist Centre, Suite 21, 127, Herdsman Parade, Wembley, WA, 6014 – (08) 9387 5892

Gentle Procedures Perth – Azure Medical Cottesloe, 460 Stirling Hwy, Peppermint Grove, WA, 6011 – (08) 9286 9900

Dr Jill Orford – Several locations –¬†(08) 9387 5937

Perth Paediatric Surgeon – Several locations – (08) 61621615

Beechboro Family Practise – The Springs Shopping Centre, Unit 2, 130 Bridgeman Drive, Beechboro WA 6063 – (08) 9377 7002

Perth Paediatrics – Suite 5 / 2 McCourt Street, West Leederville, WA, 6007 – (08) 6162 1615

Kelvale Medical Group – 53 Railway Ave, Kelmscott, WA 6111 – (08) 9495 1230

Sterling Centre Medical Group -Stirling Central Shopping Centre (Access from Victoria Rd), Unit 3 / 478 Wanneroo Road, Westminster, WA 6061 – (08) 9440 5300

Dr Catherine Harris – Several locations – (08) 9243 3500

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