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Newborns in NSW set to receive a ‘baby bundle’ worth $150

NSW State Government has revealed this week their new ‘baby bundle’ scheme as part of their budget announcement.

What is the baby bundle scheme?

The Baby Bundle scheme is an initiative to gift mums in NSW with baby hampers packed with vital health information for mum and baby as well as practical items for the new baby. The baby bundle hamper is valued at $150 and includes products such as a sleeping bag for baby, wrap, nappies, change mat, children’s book, washable breast pads, a thermometer, hand sanitiser, baby toothbrush and nappy rash cream.

The baby bundle scheme also sees an injection of $9.3million being spent to bring 100 more midwives into NSW hospitals and $4.3million to fund more post-natal home visits to help new mums with after care.

baby bundle scheme

When will I receive a baby bundle hamper?

The baby bundle hampers will be given to new parents in January 2019, and all newborn babies in NSW will qualify for the initiative.

“It’s just a bit of extra support. Especially if it’s your first child it will be of particular use, but we want to make the offer available to all new bubs,” said Premier, Gladys Berejiklian.

What else will new parents benefit from in this scheme?

A record $157million has been budgeted specifically to support new parents and babies in the health sector. Funding will cover:

  • $9.3million to bring 100 new midwives into the healthcare system
  • $7.6million on the baby bundle hampers
  • $4.3million to support midwife post-natal home visits
  • $5million for children’s cancer research and other genetic disorders
  • $2.2million for Tresillian
  • $2million for updating paediatric play areas in hospitals
  • $1.5million for medical transport for high risk pregnancy patients
  • $1.1million for peri-natal and infant mental health services

What do you think of the new budget announcement for newborns and new parents?

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