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Clean your kids rooms


A thorough clean out of your children’s rooms will make them much easier to keep clean. Start at the top and work down. Make sure to dust with a damp cloth to avoid spreading dust to other surfaces. Then the challenge is to get your kids to keep it tidy!

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Cleaning Checklist:

1. Cull the clutter

Sort items into 3 piles

1. Those to keep

2. Those to sell eg on gumtree

3. Those to give to charity

**Sort all toys

** Sort all clothes your children have outgrown

If not in season, store away until needed.

** Sort books – remove books no longer read, particularly those that are for younger children.

2. Clean any air conditioner vents

3. Wipe down walls

** Especially next to their bed where dirty feet rub

** Clean grubby finger marks around light switches

4. Drawers and cupboards:

** Clean grubby finger marks on drawers and cupboard handles/doors

** Wipe benches and all surfaces down

** Pull out beds and removable furniture to dust/wipe around it

5. Door

** Wipe down door, especially around the handle

** Clean above the door frame

6.  Windows

** Clean the windows and fly screens

7. Washing

** Wash all sheets, mattress protectors, doona and pillow protector.
** On a nice sunny day air mattress outside.

8. Floors

** Vacuum well and wipe down skirting .

** If the room has carpet: use a carpet cleaning spray or see home made cleaning section for ideas of cleaning/deodorising carpet

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