Spring Clean Challenge

Spring Clean Challenge New Mum’s Helper Checklist

New Mum’s Helper Checklist This Spring Clean Challenge New Mum’s Helper ChecklistĀ is a great, practical way to help out a new mum – it can be left on the kitchen …

cleaning for the lazy mum

The lazy mum’s cleaning guide

Behing Lou’s Martha Stewart-esque exterior is a secret aversion to housework. Find out how she fools the masses.


Spring Cleaning Challenge

Welcome to our Spring Clean Challenge!

Clean your kids rooms

A thorough clean out of your children’s rooms will make them much easier to keep clean. Start at the top and work down. Make sure to dust with a damp …


Spring Clean Challenge Week 2

This week we are focusing on the bathroom, laundry and outside areas

Spring Cleaning Challenge Week 3

This week we are focussing on bedrooms and general areas

spring clean

Spring Clean Challenge Week 1

The first week we will be working on the kitchen.

Spring Cleaning Challenge Week 4

This week we are targeting the living areas and toys


Homemade Cleaning Products

Instructions for making various household cleaners, including all purpose cleaner, shower cleaner and drain cleaner.

cleaning with your children

Cleaning with your children

Get your children involved in cleaning the house! At the beginning they may not be helpful, however they are distracted while you clean and it wont be long before they are more help

5 tips to make cleaning easier and quicker

Find some more time to play with the kids (or even to have a cuppa) with these general cleaning tips.