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Constipation in babies: Community tips

Crying babyAnyone else struggle with constipation in babies. My dd is 5months & breast fed with 1 formula feed. She hasn’t pooed 4 a week (which is common) but she’s in pain with it. What can I use to help her poo? Preferably natural as we’re on holiday with shops far away.

  •  A little prune juice in water is good too! Followed by a warm bath…. Be warned it can happen really quickly in bath so get ready to get her out quick.    Cassandra
  •  I swear by infant’s friend!    Karen
  •  Pear or prune juice. Weve also had to use colxly which passed it within 12 hrs.   kai
  •  Diluted prune juice in water and bicycle their legs and holding them up to their tummy really helps.    Sarah
  •  Stewed prunes & apple mixed together worked for my son.    Amy
  •  Put an extra 10ml water per 100ml bottle but all times for breastfed babies as formula is thicker than breast milk.    Christine
  •  Have you tried baby massage? It can help constipation/wind.    Katie
  •  Stewed fruit any kind but pear works best!!    Tegan
  •  My baby loves prunes and they works a treat when he hasn’t been number 2 for a while or it isn’t as soft as usual.. I give them to him for breakfast blended up by themselves or with pear. Sometimes I even give him a few spoons throughout the day to help push it through quicker.    Kelly
  •  Just cool boiled water should help, otherwise pears or bicycle legs or lay bubs on her back and hold both legs bring them up to her left and circle clockwise up under her ribs (it’s the way the bowel runs so should help her poop, it works with my son) good luck!    Mel
  •  You can use Actilax I’ve used it a couple of times when my daughter had constipation. You can find it at the chemist.   Lhiannon
  •  Had the same problem with my daughter were she was in so much pain from being constipated, we ended up in taking her to the doctor and she suggested a small amount of orange juice with boiled water and glucose which u get from the chemist and also suppositories, they did the trick within half an hour she pooed, good luck, it can be a very stressful time.    Kylie
  •  Is she eating?? I’ve heard kiwi fruit works.   Jacinta
  •  Prune juice. Just add a small amount to some water and it will do the trick. If your lo is eating maybe you can even give them a prune to suck on. Will do the same thing.    Leanne
  •  Prune juice works a treat.    Caitlyn
  •  Infant’s friend from chemist, natural ingredients and really really helps, still use time to time on 16 month old. God send for us.    Mardi
  •  Boil up some prunes and then give bub a few tsps of the cooled cooking water and/or add the puréed prune to their cereal.    Wendy
  •  Lactulose. It’s an over the counter product from chemist. All natural, worked a treat for my kids when they were little. Don’t use coloxyl drops, it strips all the good stuff as well as the bad from the bowel.    Mardi
  •  Gentle massage,  coloxyl. Older baby, pears (poached or juice) pure prune juice diluted in water, coloxyl, lots of water. If it’s too bad, head to the dr.    Melissa
  •  My 7 1/2 month baby also suffers constipation paed, Told me to give her high fiber foods like green vegies, pears. Peach, spinach, hi bran weet bix and also adding a teaspoon of cooked pureed prunes to her fruit and cooked puréed canalleni beans or red lentils to her puréed vegies. Infant’s friend also helps and of course water.    Amanda
  •  Pear and broccoli help my son, no rice cereal, tummy massage (clockwise just beneath the belly button) and lots of water.    Krisitn
  •  Try prune juice before anything else, I have a long list of things of things that u can try as my dd has chronic bowel issues feel free to pm me!    Caitlyn
  •  Colosxyl (but make sure you speak to GP first). It’s slow acting. Diluted prune juice, you’ll need to speak to Health direct to find out amount. I think I was giving 1-2tsp at 5months. Tsp of brown sugar diluted in water – this is meant to move things along within the hour…but never worked for me. When bubs is crying in pain it’s awful, we would give her a warm bath/shower and just rub a lower back. Long term I found steamed pear daily works a treat, along with water. Should make sure you speak to doc. first.    Anita

 See what our GP advice is if your baby suffers with constipation


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