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Continual night waking in a 10 month old

continual night waking 10 month old sleepHELP!!! My 10 month old has been waking around 3 times a night (normally one of them for 1-2 hours) he is upset and waking us. This has been going on for 2 months. I thought it would improve but it hasn’t. Please help. Only thing I can do to settle/calm him is feed him. Please help this exhausted mummy. I have tried letting him cry it out but he just will not resettle. He has 2 day sleeps totaling around 3 hours. Has comforter and dummy & not cold. Please give me any advice.

  •  No advice but just want u to know I’m in the same boat!! My 10 month old sounds exactly like yours. I’m thinking teeth and growth spurt at this stage..   Amber
  • I have just yesterday had a sleep school phone consult with the Queen Elizabeth Centre in Melbourne. My little man is also 10 months and while he can settle to sleep no problems, wakes frequently. Their advice was to go in, place a reassuring hand on his chest, say something calming like “I can hear you. It is ok. Time to go back to sleep” then leave (should only be about 10 seconds). I am not supposed to wait until he has quietened down but repeat this every 2-5 minutes. They seem to think that if I am strictly consistent with this, it will work (he has never slept well and like your bub, prefers to settle with a feed). I was all ready to start this last night, until he got a temperature and is now sick (bugger!). Hopefully I will start this next week some time when he is better. Just thought I would share their advice and fingers crossed it works!   Louise
  • Ride it out. It will get better. Baby is going through sleep regression and their brain is very busy. They need that extra night time nutrition at the moment. We have a sidecar cot which means we all get a lot more sleep.   Kimmy
  • Try 1 day sleep. Both my kids started only having one day sleep around that age.  Amy
  • Try infants friend or similar. My dd did tjis from 5.5months, shes not 13 months and only just starting to sleep longer but still wakes, only thing I can get to sleep is milk, yoghurt ot custard jn middle night. She doesn’t self settle either, but has started a little if I give her dummy. It’s exhausting I know, ask family for help I didn’t have anyone apart from hubby. See child health nurse for help, get them to refer u to sleep school, once 1 yr its too late for that.   Alison
  • Have a look at the wonder weeks it explains a lot. We have just come out of it (my ds is just over 10 months) it was a long one totalling almost 2 months. He was doing the same thing and waking at 5 am. I think 3 hours is a perfect amount for day naps as we are still averaging 3- 3 1/2 hour day naps and he is only waking once at night now for a feed.   Rebecca
  • My son did this too so I dropped a nap and found that worked out for us hope it gets sorted and he he settles for you.   Naomi
  • Teething or maybe sleep him next to you just 1 night and see how that goes…my girls always wake up if they in there own bed but if they sleep with me they sleep all night. Kukuyalanij
  • Is it because he is spitting his dummy out and wants you to put it back in? I had to get rid of my sons dummy at this point because I was going crazy being woken up to 7 times a night (plus I have twins so it was very hard work). I went cold turkey and got rid of thing. It took about a week but he finally settled and started sleeping through. Good luck.   Kartia
  • My daughter did the same thing at that age – I was letting her come into our bed which was worse because I was getting no sleep! Took her 2-3 nights of putting her back into her cot to cio and she got the hint mummy meant business! But then she had never been a good night sleeper she’s just over 2 and still wakes some nights!   Alison
  • Time to cut out one day sleep. ( either completely or just bump one down to an hour or so.. )   Amie
  • 3 hours is probably too much during the day at that age my ds went through the same thing and we cut down his day sleeps to 1.5-2 max hours a day and now he sleeps through fine.   Nina
  • Have you tried Brauer Calm? Works a treat for my family and also is he teething as my LO was constantly waking of a night and regardless of settling techniques nothing would work. Try playing a relaxation cd in his room so if he does wake he’s got something to help contribute putting him back to sleep. Hope it gets better!  Hayley
  • Teething? Try panadol occasionally.   Fiona
  • My son did the same thing. Turns out he had colic. I gave him some infacol and he slept through from 630-230, would wake for a feed and go back to sleep until 630. Good luck.   Lisa

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  1. You could try a bedtime snack, protein based, if hunger is the cause. Most likely separation anxiety. Mum’s are saying things like “an absolute life saver”; “from nightmare to easy”; “calm and happy to stay in bed”; “drift off to sleep quicker”; …” 4 years of trying everything, then asleep in 7 minutes on first night”. The Nigh’ Nigh’ Sleepy Head system has had all sorts of kids (from restless sleepers, bedtime rejecters, co sleepers and ‘need another drink of water’ type kids and cat napping babies, right through to kids that have autism) benefit, and even relaxed children to sleep, up to nine years of age! If you need sleep…you need this!

  2. AvatarKatina Grammatoglou says:

    This is a normal part of your baby’s development. My son is 11 months and is still waking through the night however he is also learning to climb on furniture and stand. At 10 months he woke more often but has now settle to once or twice in the night. The wonder weeks have a great explanation for the 8-10 month sleep regression, your baby is consolidating skills and the little brain is in overdrive and needs reassurance and comfort. It is the time when crawling standing climbing language and communication are all developing at a rapid rate. It is exhausting, I have had my son in bed with me during the one hour ‘awake’ times and then nursed him back to sleep after that. I try and sleep during the day at some point and this helps take the edge off tiredness. Teething also sets things back in terms of sleep. Hang in there, my maternal health nurse said this is all very normal and sleep usually settled by age 2 if you look at it from a brain development perspective it really does make sense. There are other methods to try that all work too, just do what you are comfortable with and what works for you and your baby. Good luck.

  3. AvatarBec says:

    We have had the same problem for almost 18months now and just recently learnt about sleep regression. We are going crazy as my son wakes on average 5 times a night but anywhere from 3-15 times. You are not alone hang in there

  4. AvatarDavid says:

    We had the same problem and it was difficult we tried everything and it became difficult for the whole family. We felt it was time to receive some outside support so we telephoned Sleep Rescue and had Gabrielle come out and we have never looked back. Our child is now 2 and is a brilliant sleeper and when he is tired he actually tells us that he needs to go to bed. If you have tried every avenue and truly need help. She does travel nationally and I would recommend Gabrielle her website is She saved our marriage and helped me to continue to work without falling asleep at the desk.

  5. My daughter is 11 months and wakes 5-6 times a night minimum! I feel your pain. None of these things have helped her yet so im following for any suggestions too. Good luck!