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Coping with an unplanned pregnancy

coping with an unplanned pregnancyI just found out I’m pregnant (not planned) as we have a just turned 2 yr old and a 3 month old..I am so scared, I don’t know how I’m going to cope as I have my hands full all the time now so I don’t know how I can do this we are very happy we are pregnant but this will definitely be our last. Is anyone else been in my shoes if so how did you do it?

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  • Unplanned but 3 years in a row I had a baby in March, first the 9th then 10 days after her first birthday my son was born on the 19th March then 2 weeks before his 1st birthday and a week before my eldest turned 2 I had another son. I had a newborn, 1 year old and 2year old. I remember it being chaotic at times but mostly as long as I had routine it was fine. I rested when I could, had fantastic family support and when the oldest stopped daytime naps we still had ‘rest time’ curtains closed and her favourite movie (finding nemo). Also prepping tea early was a life saver either the night before or during their happy less grouchy times. I love how close they were and it was very rewarding watching them grow together. Congrats on your wee family!! X Gem
  • I only have two kids so far but they are 14 months apart, I just prepared myself for the worst and then it seemed easier. At least the baby won’t be getting around too much for a while so you can rest a bit. When the time comes, alternate toys, have activities set up for the oldest and safety gates may help. Just remember you will cope because you have too! All the best! Linda
  • whatever happens us as humans have a pretty amazing way of adapting. Before you had your second you would have been unsure on how you would manage but you get there in the end. We’re never given more than what we can handle. You will be amazed at yourself later Jacente
  • I have 3 boys under 3. 1s nearly 3 others nearly 2 and my bub is 4 months old. I find just bein organised helps a lot. Startin dinner earlier most of the time I shower my older boys instead of bath them. Have some frozen meals in the freezer for nights wen bub is hard to settle. I don’t goin out in the Mornin seems to work for us cause it tires my older boys so they have an afternoon nap which allows me a break. Organise everything the night before wen kids r in bed or u will never get out of the house Sharni
  • Lots of support, can’t do it without my mum! She’s the best, and my mother in law is awesome too. Mine are 3.5, 20 months and 4.5months! It’s bloody hard work, the sleep deprivation 100 times worse, but totally worth it because they’re all growing up so close together! I just love watching them all interacting together, melts my heart! Make life easier for yourself, stock up your freezer, online shopping (particularly groceries) as $7-10 delivery fee is TOTALLY worth it, because 3 kids vs 1 mum in the shops is hard!!!! Particularly when they’re so little! Tori
  • This sounds like me lol i have 4 four and a half and under, but same circumstances when i fell pregnat with my third, if you have a routine and great support it isnt as scary, and i found i was better with 3 then i was with 2. And i got through it by telling myself i could do it and to never give up Chanel
  • I had a baby last year in May and a other this year in May, unplanned… I was shitting myself about it so much that I had nothing but stress my whole pregnancy. It was hard but you learn to juggle them. I also have 6 and 8 year olds so I guess the school routine was the hardest to adjust to. You will work out some sort of routine and even if you don’t it’s ok, just do whatever YOU feel Is the easiest and best way for YOU. Hayley
  • I cant give u advise on how to cope but im in the same situation except iv only got 2wks left till i give birth to the 3rd i have a 2yr old n fell pregnant when my second was 4 months.. hopefully u have lots of help.. im just hoping for a good baby that will sleep lol Natalie
  • Congratulations. I totally understand why you would be freaking out. I fell pregnant with my second baby when first baby was 7 months old and it was really easy having them close together. I have just had my third baby, she was a surprise too and she’s 2 yrs and 10 months younger then my second. Iv been surprised with how easy it has been having 3kids. I thought it was going to be soooo much harder. You’ll be fine and you’ll surprise your self with how you’ll be able to handle it all :)))) Melissa

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  • You will be amazing! Don’t think about not coping. You will surprise yourself with how well you go. I had 3 under 3 first two 11 months apart and then the third when my eldest was 2. One thing I loved was the babies slept during day so I had some time to rest and play with the older one who still napped till he was 3. Find what works for you, if it means having cereal for dinner sometimes or not cleaning your house then do it. I made the mistake trying to keep everything in ship shape and wore myself out and really the kids won’t remember a clean house or beautiful Cooked meals they’ll remember a happy content mum. Trust yourselves, I remember one time while potty training I was feeding the baby the 1 year old was in the high chair with raisins (cause I knew they would take long to eat) and the eldest needed me to wipe his butt…I still fed baby and helped him. We are amazing, you will be fabulous!! Arianna
  • We have 5 kids..12,9,6,5 & almost 7mths. I found having our now 6 & 5 year olds the easiest!! 6yr old was born September 10 2008 & 5yr old october 1st 2009. Toilet trained at the same time (at almost 2 and almost 1). Pretty much interested in the same stuff so easy to entertain where as the age gap with the others they wanted to argue! You will be fine and congratulations! Hubby and I both work so it can be hectic but its all part of our family! Kimberley
  • I have a just turned 1yo, just turned 3 yr old and almost 4 yr old. 11 months gap between my first 2. I was shocked falling so quick and it took me couple of weeks to get my head around having a toddler and a newborn. You will get there. It’s nice having the kids close together and although they fight like cat and dog they’re very protective over each other. You will have Ur good and bad days. You will find some sort of routine that works for you. I won’t lie, it can be tough some days when you think what was I thinking but it’s all worth it in the end despite the hard work at first. All the best X Richelle
  • I was pregnant again when our 1st turned 6 months. Though we were thrilled about the baby, I have often wished that there was a little break in between. Both kids are very close friends and that makes it a little bit easier now, but it is a handful ALL THE TIME. Eventually, I just resolved to never sleeping again and I only have two. Every so often I see moms who have kids of similar situations but whose children are a little older and find comfort in seeing them pulling it off. Good luck, lady. It will work out, but it won’t ever be easy Amanda
  • I have 5 kids. 11, 5, 1.5 and 4 mo. When its our wknd or in summer, or over any breaks from school we get my husbands 13 yo. It, is hard. I have no help. My husband works 7 days a week most of the time he’s a subcontractor., I’m a nurse but we don’t have anybody to babysit. Its really hard going to stores. But u kinda, push one cart and pull one! And make sure kids are fed and not ready for a nap. Try to get them all on the same nap time Betsy
  • we have 4 kids, aged 6, 3, 1, 11 months and im 7 months pregnant. Smallest gap is 11 months, its hard to adjust to start with, but once we got into a good schedule with them all it got a lot easier. Organisation is the key! I make dinner in the morning when the small ones are sleeping, saves trying to do it when afternoon chaos sets in, stuf like that. You’ll be fine! Rikili
  • My mum had three girls in 2.5 years, she said that you just cope because you have to! My older sister would help by bottle feeding me while mum fed my lil sis. Asha
  • you will cope have faith in yourself I had 3 children all 12 months apart Bianca
  • Not me personally but my mum did. My brothers birthday is a yr and a day after mine. And our sister is two yrs older than me so she had three under 4. Rochelle

Do you have any tips for coping with an unplanned pregnancy?

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