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{CRAFT} DIY Playroom Zoo

DIY playroom storage zoo | Baby Hints & TipsIs Dad always trying to think of something to make with the kids?  Here’s the perfect idea – easy enough for even the clumsiest of DIY Dads

You’ll need:

4 pieces of timber (cut to 1.5m lengths)
8 pieces of timber (cut to .5m lengths)
10m of bungy cord
1 coloured sheer curtain
Staple gun
Screws/Nails (whatever dad prefers)

Step 1

Create a square with 4 of the shorter pieces of timber

Step 2

Attach (using either screws or nails) a longer piece of timber to the inside of each corner

Step 3

Using the remaining 4 pieces of .5m timber, create another square around the top of the 1.5m pieces of timber

Step 4
Once you have a ‘box’, cut bungy cord to 1.2m lengths (make 8 pieces)

Step 5
Hold bungy cord taught and using the staple gun, attach the bungy cord at each end

Step 6
Once all bungy cord is attached, wrap the sheer curtain around the 3 remaining sides using the staple gun to secure at each corner

Fill with all the soft toys for a playroom ‘zoo’

My daughter loves it and it means all those soft toys are packed away somewhere together.

How do you store your kids soft toys?

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