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backyard beach

11/10 Cool Dad Builds Family a Beach in their Backyard

Yeah, yeah. Your dad is awesome too. But did he build you a backyard beach? Thought as much. Well, enter the coolest dad alive. We’ve found him and he deserves the …

Dad play dates

7 Fun Daddy-kid date ideas

Let’s be clear about something – dads don’t babysit and they don’t run “daddy day care”. They parent and they spend time with their kids. But you know that already …

Great Dad? Stop congratulating my husband for parenting

Great Dad? Stop congratulating my husband for parenting

This blogger doesn’t tread lightly when she discusses what makes a great Dad.

Valentine's Day - URGH!

Valentine’s Day – URGH!

Want a love story with a difference? Chris Gable does not disappoint with his take on Valentine’s Day.

Getting Fathers Day RIGHT for your Dad

Dad’s Perspective: Getting Fathers Day RIGHT for your dad. Tips for the working dad and the stay at home dad

Dad’s Guide To Nappies

Dad’s guide to nappies – humorous guide to everything dads need to know about changing nappies, which brand of nappies, about those first few nappies etc

dad's role in childbirth

Dad: How to be helpful at your child’s birth!

Dad’s Role in Childbirth – Our resident daddy blogger, Chris, shares a poem about how dad’s role in childbirth

my vasectomy story

Dads & Vasectomy: I got the snip & survived!

“My Vasectomy Story” Chris shares from first appointment until the snip.From the consultation, the day of surgery and recovery. He got the snip and survived

Dads: Life With A Pregnant Woman

Dad’s view: Chris shares his tips on how to survive and thrive when living with a pregnant woman. She may be horny, moody, exhausted and distracted. ENJOY

Tips for Dad’s in labour room

Q&A: I’m 39 weeks pregnant and wonder if anyone has tips for partners coming into the birthing room? I’m sure my husband would be very appreciative.

dads and newborns

Dads and Newborns: How To Connect

If you’re a brand new Dad finding it difficult to connect with your newborn, you’re not alone. It’s an extremely common way to feel in the first month or two, …

Dads and Birth: What it was Really Like

Dads and Birth: What it was Really Like

Blog – The biggest and best surprise, however, was just how GOOD it is being a Dad. My wife and I were very happy before having kids – careers, lots of travel, good friends & good times – but it just doesn’t begin to compare to what we have now.


{CRAFT} DIY Playroom Zoo

Is Dad always trying to think of something to make with the kids? Here’s the perfect idea – easy enough for even the clumsiest of DIY Dads.

4 of the best things about being a Dad

“So, having a child changes your life, that’s a given. There’s plenty of lists out there with the same heartwarming messages and extreme focus on how your life will never be the same. My experience was great, parenting has been so much easier than expected and it’s come with some awesome perks that I don’t really see mentioned anywhere…”

Lessons in being a cool dad

Lessons in being a cool dad, as taught by The Simpsons.

Packing Man Bags: Creating a man space

Chris explains why his man-cave is an important part of finding time for himself now that he is a Dad.

Dad’s First Christmas – Help Him Celebrate!

Q&A: I want to get my husband something for Xmas that he can enjoy with our 8mo son. Any ideas? This will be DS first Xmas

Books for First Time Dads

Q&A: Hello! Im currently 31+1 with our first baby and hubby is wanting to read some baby books designed for first time dads. I have read up the duff but he is wanting something more ‘blokey’, thanks!

Packing Man Bags: The good side to food intolerances

Often a diagnosis of food intolerance in our children can be a cause of stress and worry, but as Chris reveals it isn’t all bad. Here he reflects on the positive ways it has impacted on their family.

Children, Censorship & Expectations

by Chris Things have changed since I was a kid, and that was only twenty years ago. I remember shooting down demons in Doom, telling my dad all the cheat …