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7 Fun Daddy-kid date ideas

Let’s be clear about something – dads don’t babysit and they don’t run “daddy day care”. They parent and they spend time with their kids. But you know that already and that’s why you’re here right?

Not to stereotype, but dads are generally better at different games and activities than mums. Play to your strengths and give the kids best of both worlds. Here are 7 fun ideas for a daddy date with the kids.

Dad play dates

Head to Bunnings

Bunnings and the dad date are a match made in heaven. Pop down there on Saturday morning with the kids and you will likely find free face painting, a playground for the kids and then you can fill them up with a classic sausage sanger! If you are actually there to make a purchase you will have to do some wrangling to get them to the aisle you need to go to. Bribery works well for that and paint cards are a great bargaining tool!

Play ball

All you need is a backyard and a tennis/soccer/football and you’ve got yourself a great day out. If you don’t have a backyard, or you are too worried about wayward balls, head to the park. The more the kids run around the better they will sleep at night so this is a win/win for everyone really!

Get out the craft box

So probably not the first idea you think of when you think of the dad date, but if your kids love craft, why not dive into the craft box with them? Craft time is usually quieter (sometimes chaotic if glue/paint is involved) and great bonding time with kids. It is relaxing and therapeutic and a great chance for some down time doing something you wouldn’t normally do with your little ones.

Dad play date

Go fishing

Meditation and being in the moment comes so naturally to kids and isn’t that what fishing is all about? It might be frustrating as they get wires tangled and want to reel their line in at every little tug but do it with them often enough and you will soon have a fantastic little fishing buddy.

Play mini golf

They might not be ready for the golf course yet but if you play enough mini golf with them they might develop a passion for the real thing. Or maybe you’ll just have a whole lot of fun! Bowling is also a great option for bad weather days.

Hit the skate park

Pack the helmets and skateboards and head off to the skateboard. You can teach the kids some of the fully sick tricks you used to do when you were a kid. Or, more likely, they will teach you a thing or two…

Go for a bike ride

If it’s a nice day, drag out the bikes and go for a ride. Check where local trails are near you and maybe plan to stop for an ice cream or a picnic along the way. If you don’t have your own bikes you can often rent them for the day. Don’t forget the helmets!

At the end of the day it is about giving your kids the best experiences you can as well as opportunities to bond with you as a parent. If you start the kids early enough doing things you enjoy, they will likely grow up with many shared interests to you so your daddy dates can continue long into the future.

Do you have any fun ideas for daddy dates you can share?

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