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{CRAFT} Make your own fairy garden

Fairy Garden | Baby Hints & Tipsby Kristin

Have a little fairy in the family, or want to get the kids more involved in the garden?  Why not create a fairy garden?

What you’ll need:
– A large pot (with a wide enough opening to create a scene)
– a ‘house’ (a small birdhouse works well
– a small bag of pebbles
– some plant tags/picks (for the fence)
– some ornaments (if you look hard enough you’ll find some goodies at your local hardware store and spotlight)
Step 1
Put the pot where you want it to live (don’t make my mistake & create a masterpiece in the garage & then have to move a huge pot that weighs a tonne)
Step 2
Fill the pot with soil
Step 3
Decorate (or let the kids go nuts)
Enjoy!  This has brought HOURS of fun for my little girl & I will quite often pop a surprise in the birdhouse as she checks it every single morning on our way out for the day.

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  1. AvatarAmber says:

    It’s amazing how many different interpretations of fairy gardens there are .. here are heaps more here.

  2. AvatarJessica Bly Carnahan says:

    Thanks so much for this little idea. I’ve been playing with the idea of making a little fairy garden and this one looks like an easy and fun one to try!

  3. Hi! Do you mind if I share a link to this on my website for some fun holiday fairy gardening ideas?