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Toddler Activities Melbourne

The Best Toddler Activities in Melbourne

There’s only so much you can do with your toddlers at home, but if you want to get out of the house with your wee ones, you’re in luck. Melbourne …

Rio 2016 Olympics for kids

Rio 2016 Olympics for kids

Tips to make the Olympics memorable for kids.


{CRAFT} Make your own fairy garden

Have a little fairy in the family, or want to get the kids more involved in the garden? Why not create a fairy garden?


Pom pom monsters {CRAFT}

These monsters are easy to make and totally adorable!

{CRAFT} Snail Mail Hug

{CRAFT} This is a cute little idea that is great for family who live far away or for someone who is feeling a little down and could use a “Hug” or even just a surprise piece of mail!


Playground Bullying Advice for Mums

Q&A: What do other parents do in these scenarios? Do you approach the parent or carer of the child?

{CRAFT} Edible Finger Paint

Edible finger paint recipe

An Invitation to Explore & Learn: Learning Through Play!

Play comes naturally to most children. They love to explore, poke at things and move them about in ways that they’re probably not designed to be moved. In doing all of these things that we often look at as ‘messy’ or ‘destructive’, our children are exploring and learning. They are learning in the most valuable way – through play!

egg carton butterfly

{CRAFT} Egg Carton Butterflies

We’ve made some egg carton caterpillars before but today my toddler wanted a butterfly. We were pleased with the result and my toddler has been buzzing around with it heaps.