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Create special moments for kids this Easter on budget!

Create special moments for your kids this EasterLouisa Forrest, offers tips for creating special moments for your kids this Easter – and they don’t have to break the bank!    

Celebrate with a budget Easter this year

Over the past 5 years, since having my first child, I have done it all when it comes to Easter – the massive budget blowout (over $600 on Artisan chocolate egg sculptures!) to super thrifty.  I have to be honest and say – with absolute sincerity – that the thrifty Easter was by far the best.


It is all about finding special moments …

The thing about special occasions, such as Easter, is that the most memorable ones – the really amazing ones – are so because of special moments. There is rarely a day or event that goes off absolutely perfectly, and not every single moment is pure bliss. There are normal, chaotic and slightly stressful times punctuated with really special moments.

Creating these special moments takes prior planning and a consideration of WHAT makes them special.

For children, the two most important emotions that make special occasions so memorable are the ANTICIPATION and the EXCITEMENT they feel – both leading up to, and during the day.

It’s not about how much you give – in fact it’s rarely about that.

Think back to your childhood Easters, Christmases and birthdays – it is not the presents you remember, is it?

It’s the special moments you shared and created. That is what you remember all these years later – and what your kids will remember too.

So create some new and fun special moments this Easter whilst giving your budget a

Create special moments for your kids this Easter

How’s that for a win / win?

Here are some of my favourite Easter tips for the budget conscious family – I hope you enjoy them as much as we have!

Budget Easter Tip # 1 – The Easter Box

Have a storage tub stowed away somewhere which is specifically for Easter. In it you want things like Easter baskets, rabbit ears, felt carrots and bunnies… Easter decorations and all the associated paraphernalia. Instead of buying all that garb year after year, buy it once, save it and reuse it over and over. It builds up the anticipation so much more – just like putting up the Christmas Tree.

Budget Easter Tip # 2 – Don’t Overlook the Value of The Hunt

There is value in drawing things out at special occasions. The Easter Egg Hunt is just such a valuable experience which children love. It builds excitement and anticipation beautifully and can stretch even the most meagre Easter budget miles further than a basket of eggs at the breakfast table.

Get some funky baskets – or make them yourself – and make it a bit tricky for the older kids; like a scavenger hunt. Use string to lead younger children around the yard or house and have only one egg, bunny or other item at each “check point”. This can take hours and be loads of free fun for everyone!

Budget Easter Tip # 3 – Consider Reusable Eggs

The first year I bought some empty egg shells to fill with goodies but I forgot all about them. Nowadays they are the first thing I reach for!

My children are sensitive to various foods, as well as the synthetic chemicals found in some foods. This means that they are limited in the amount of chocolate they can have. No problem!

A refillable egg with sultanas; glitter and stars; a small beaded necklace or bracelet; a cute eraser for school; some rice crackers – the list is endless. They love opening each egg to see what is inside. Once they eggs are empty I grab them all and stow them away for next year.

Budget Easter Tip # 4 – DIY Choccies

Chocolate making can be as easy or as hard as you like. I scored some free moulds last May when the local department store was clearing out stock. They are half egg moulds which I fill with homemade chocolate mix, shortbread dough (which I bake and join with coconut cream) or even bliss ball mix!

This gives the kids an array of different TYPES of eggs – not just chocolate. It also means the process of unwrapping each one escalates the excitement and anticipation.

Remember – those are the two keys to a great occasion!

Budget Easter Tip # 5 – Adopt a Bunny For a Day

You can talk to your local RSPCA or Animal Shelter to ask if there are any bunnies they might allow your children to pet, feed and play with. What about visiting a local animal farm or petting zoo?  

My kids love animals so it’s a cheap (or free) way to give them a real thrill and something different.

It’s important to explain to kids that they can pet and play with the animals to their hearts content, but that no little bunnies or the like will be sneaking into their backpacks to go home with them.

No bunnies to speak of in your area (hello Queensland where bunnies are outlaws!)  A local park that hosts ducks and ducklings can be a nice alternative and of course, is open on Easter Sunday!  Animal lovers won’t mind ducks over baby chicks.  Who doesn’t like ducklings!

Easter all wrapped up

My theory is that there is a crescendo of fun and excitement that starts with the first gift or Easter egg. From there, the excitement and anticipation level goes up … to a point. At that point, the excitement level starts to go down and there is change from anticipation to expectation. If one can successfully avoid that change – by ensuring JUST ENOUGH gifts and not too many – then the day is so much more enjoyable for all concerned.

So by engaging in some of these Easter tips, you will both elevate and extend the two key emotions which make the day so much more fun and memorable for everyone.

Happy Easter!


The Eco Mum xx

About the Author:

Louisa is an author, single mother, passionate environmentalist and the creator of The Eco Mum community. Louisa is also Director and founder of The Lavenderia NappyCare, providing the greenest nappy solution available in Australia today. She lives with her two young children in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales.

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