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Creating a Gorgeous Kids Reading Nook

kids reading nookIt’s important to introduce reading at an early age. Not only does it help to stimulate their imagination but it helps with children’s educational, neurological, linguistic and social development. A kids reading nook is the perfect encouragement.

An easy way to introduce your kids to reading is to create an area or nook in their bedroom or playroom that is specifically designed for reading. Rebecca Tyndall from Willow and Wood provides her top five tips for creating an area that will encourage your kids to develop a love for reading.

1. Make it visually appealing

Kids’ books are designed bright and fun for one reason only – because they appeal to kids. So why not display the books in a way that kids can see the covers by having a book shelf which displays the books front facing. Colourful, beautiful and exciting books will entice children into a reading nook, every time.

2. Create a comfortable area

Once you’ve enticed kids into a reading nook you want to be able to keep them there, and by making the space as comfortable as possible, they’ll never want to leave. Use beanbags, big fluffy cushions or even an all engulfing reading chair, just for them. They will love curling up throughout the day or before bedtime with their favourite books.

3. Personalise the space

Making sure that the kids feel that it’s their space will give them ownership of the reading nook and encourage them to play and read often. Include some soft toy favourites or some wall decor that appeals to their personality.

4. Create a calm atmosphere

Make it a calming space by creating it away from the TV and computer where it is quiet. This will prevent your kids from getting distracted and will help them to relax while absorbing every page that they read.

5. Be Bright: Keep it well lit

Ensure that there is ample light for miniature eyes. In the day time, open the blinds and let in some fresh air and at night, have a lamp close by.

Follow these tips and your kids will be “Bookworms” in no time! Happy Reading!

kids reading nook

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