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Cysts on baby’s brain

cysts on baby's brainIm 24 weeks and I just seen my obstetrician and she said that my 20 week scan has shown 2 cysts on my baby’s brain. She said it is common and most likely will go away, if not it could lead to my baby having Down syndrome. Did anyone else have this? I have no idea what to think!

  •  I have heard its common also & generally by the next scan they are gone. Good luck & stay away from googling…. it will cause you more harm than good.  Cassie
  •  Sorry to hear you are going through this. Not sure if you heard the dr wrong or she gave you the wrong information but there is no way cysts can cause down syndrome as downs is a chromosomal disorder whereby nothing can “cause” it. Maybe she meant if the cysts don’t go away it is a sign of a downs baby. All the best for you and your baby.  Lea
  •  They are VERY common!!! My daughter had them and they disappeared by my next ultrasound. They do not CAUSE down syndrome at all, they are just a marker, babies with down syndrome will have them yes but they occur around 20weeks because when the brain forms they appear, but if babies neck measurement is normal, heart is normal, fingers and toes are normal your baby probably doesn’t have downs and in a few weeks at your next ultrasound they will be gone. Don’t stress they are common at 20weeks.   Sophie
  •  Don’t stress my little man had them too. They generally go away by about 30 weeks they should do another scan then it is very common.   Alison
  •  They should go away but its definitely not common only 1-2% get them, most go but some do stay, they will check next ultra sound to see if they have gone or stayed.  Hayley
  •  I agree do not Google!! There are lots of things that can cause cysts on fetus brains! And I was also told they are common and can go away. I had very thorough scans done with my last pregnancy as I caught CMV and it can cause cysts and calcifications as well as lots of other damage to a fetus at one stage they said they saw something but next scan it was gone. They were only worried about them because of the CMV though. Just ask for regular scans!!   Daria
  •  My cousins bub had them so did a friends and they were gone by next scan.  Renee
  •  At my 18-20 week scan my son had 2 choroid plexus cysts detected. We we’re referred to a paediatric neurologist for further testing. The cysts dissolved within a matter of weeks and my son is now a healthy 5 year old. As Nikki said don’t Google that was my biggest mistake, just think positive.   Angela
  •  My daughter had them to and now she is a healthy ten year old. I was scared to but all was ok.  Karen
  •  My son had them too it can be an indicator for Downs syndrome but it’s only one of many do of bubs isn’t high rush for Down’s syndrome I wouldn’t stress. I had an extra scan at 33 weeks and the cysts had disappeared and I have a happy and healthy son the cysts had no effect on anything for him.   Janaya
  •  It’s very common and these days it is not regarded as a reliable sign of Down’s Syndrome. If you’ve had a Nuchal Scan and blood test earlier and was indicating all is normal, and if they see a normal looking nasal bone in the 20 week scan then these cysts are even more unlikely to be a sign. My baby had the cysts and was born fine. These days they advise sonographers and Dr’s not to mention these to patients as they rarely do result in Down’s Syndrome, and cause unnecessary anxiety.   Julie
  •  Most people aren’t even told their baby has them, because if no other problems in the scan are picked up they will just disappear so unless people read their files from the doctors they aren’t aware their baby has them. (I know because that’s what happened to me) my doctor said they’ll disappear there’s no point mentioning them when they don’t mean anything. Trust me don’t stress unless they picked up heart issues, abnormal neck measurement etc your baby is fine.   Sophie
  •  It is REALLY common… so common that they don’t usually even mention it!   Carly
  •  Yes my 20 week ultrasound showed this too and it could not be seen on the next scan don’t Google it as i did and stressed myself out. They are quite common in that trimester. Good luck.   Sara
  •  YES! i was told that at my 20 week scan with my daughter. She is now 2.5 and is perfectly normal. No problems at all. They worry you over nothing.   Mel
  •  I had this with my first; they are called choroid plexus cysts. My bub had 3 at the 20 week scan, by 30 weeks they were all gone. Google it, it actually put my mind at ease. Good luck   Kacey
  •  My dd had two also! I was so worried! At the next scan they were almost gone. She is now almost 5 months and an absolutely beautiful baby!   Lucinda
  •  Yes and it went away. They normally go by 28weels but baby’s can have them still after birth and its not a worry. Your dr should have told you that they are occasionally but not commonly associated with an increased risk of DS but most of the time they are harmless and are actually quite common.   Hannah
  •  The cysts are common and do not cause Down’s syndrome. Down’s syndrome is a chromosomal abnormality and occurs at conception. If you have had your 12 and 19 week scan and no risk markers were found and your risk came back low then its likely not to be DS. Downs cannot simply just develop further into the pregnancy.  Colby
  •  Thanks everyone for your responses. It has put me at ease while I wait for my next scan. I must have worded my question wrong as I did write it while in tears, she didn’t say they will cause Down syndrome she did say that it is a marker though.  Everything else is fine with our baby and she said not to stress but I’m sure as you all know there is no way I could relax after hearing that.   Stephanie
  •  My little man is going on 4 weeks old, and at my 5 month scan we were told he had fluid on his brain. I went through all the same tests and stress so I def feel you… but as time went on it did shrink, and an ultrasound after he was born proved it had gone… I know it’s hard not to stress, and they tell u the worst case scenarios which doesn’t help… but just know it is common and does go away hope I helped a little.  KayJay
  •  Yep my 20 week scan showed 2 choroid plexus cysts and were gone by the 32 week scan, he is now 2.5yo and a cheeky little monkey don’t worry yourself xx   Chole
  •  My 2nd had some choroid plexus cysts. In the absence of any other ‘markers’, they are nothing to worry about. She’s now a healthy smart 3yo.   Rebecca
  •  My baby didn’t have cysts but has fluid on the brain, found in 20wk scan… Several scans throughout pregnancy and ultrasound at birth and MRI just days later showed he still had the fluid…. He has has another MRI since and has to have another one shortly. He is almost 2 and is progressing perfectly, his speech was slow starting but is now advanced and he is just perfect. We are hoping this scan will show its normal but if not we just keep an eye on him x   Tracey
  •  Yes yes and yes! My son had one in the Brain and several in his left kidney; we had 2 additional scans to make sure they were going away- they didn’t tell me much but at the time I was a nursing student- the brain cyst went away but the kidney cysts did not they are permanent and had several tests between newborn and 1- that kidney doesn’t work but his healthy as can be and his 4. The kidney is genetic apparently; nowhere to be found in our history but his brain cyst disappeared as they do don’t stress.   Jessica
  •  My daughter had a choroid plexus cyst, I was told that it would more then likely just disappear, if not she would be born very ill, a scan at a later date showed no cyst, she was born extremely healthy Good luck!   Belinda
  •  My last pregnancy showed bilateral choroid plexus cysts at 20 week ultrasound aswell as short femurs. The cysts disappeared by 26 weeks and i have a gorgeous 4 month old : )   Stacey
  •  We were told the same with our bub but the cysts had gone away by 28 weeks when they are scanned and the blood count for Down syndrome was roughly 1 in a thousand.   Rebecca
  •  Yes! I had exactly the same thing with my first and stressed for weeks before I begged for another scan and it had gone. If there aren’t the other indicators there’s nothing to worry about. I have a beautiful, cheeky, very intelligent 4.5 yr old little man with absolutely no dramas. I had the second scan at 28 weeks so maybe request another one if you’re worried. But I’m sure everything will be fine.   Alice
  •  Yep bub #2 had a choroid plexus cyst in his brain quite a large one at the 20 week scan. It was so common the doctor asked me what I was so worried about!(not happy). But he’s 12 weeks old this Saturday and apparently disappeared like they anticipated.   Kylie
  •  At my 20 week scan my now 7 month old son had 2 cysts as well as an absent Nasel bone which together are indicators od down syndrome and he is fine. It’s hard but try not to dwell on it!   Bec
  •  They don’t rely on cysts as markers for downs the nasal bone being flat is a good indicator. My son had a cyst which disappeared and had dilated kidneys which corrected before birth. He has autism which I often wonder if it was a sign he was predisposed to it…Sandra
  •  Yes my son had the choroid plexus cysts in his 20w scan too… I had the same complete freakout & sleepless nights, my 32w scan they had disappeared – the guy doing my ultrasound said he wished he didn’t have to report them because 99% of the time they are gone by the 32w mark and it just leaves mothers stressed & concerned for no reason… now have a beautiful 8mth healthy, mobile & inquisitive bubba boy on my hands – DONT STRESS xx   Zoe
  •  I haven’t but my boss found out around the same time her baby had a cyst on the brain – make sure you have people to support you. The fear sent her near crazy but her hubby was wonderful – he’d often get a call from their hospital saying it’s ok she’s here we’ll keep her here and send her home in the morning she’s just really overwhelmed – her baby was born and was perfect the cyst disappeared – take care and make sure you have a good friend to call on at any time.   Jacqueline
  •  All three of my girls showed those cysts at 20 week scan. All three are perfectly healthy.   Peri
  •  Both my kids had these cysts, the first I worried the second I was not. They disappeared with both.  Melinda
  •  My first born had 3 bilateral choroid plexus cysts at 20 week scan. They had disappeared by a scan I had at 34 weeks. She was extremely healthy, good birth weight and is a very bright child now 10 years down the track.xxxx  Danielle
  •  It’s VERY common, my daughter was born at 28 weeks and had cysts on her brain but they went away like they do in the majority of case (both in utero and out)    Sarah

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