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Community question: How To Get Rid Of Wind In Babies

I have a 4 week old darling daughter who over the past few days is struggling with wind pains at feeding time. She is screaming and arching. It doesn’t happen during night feeds, I’m thinking this is maybe because she is sleepier and not gulping and getting as many air bubbles. Could this be part of a growth spurt as she is apparently in her first leap according to the wonder weeks app? I’ve tried infants friend but doesn’t always work.

How To Get Rid Of Wind In Babies

  • Try Dr Brownes bottles they are for colic and reflux. It has a straw tube inside the bottle which allows the air to flow back into the bottle not the baby. 7. I have a 7.5 month old, she has 3 main meals and bottles. During the meals I will give her slices of fruit, arrowroot biscuits, bits of toast, cheese (maybe once/twice a week), pasta.   Manda
  •  I had the same when my son was a newborn. Something that could help if you’re not already, try to steer clear of onion and cabbage. It goes through your milk and causes wind for bub. I found avoiding these very helpful for my son. Also used gripe water. Hope your little one is feeling better real quick.   Rhiannon
  •  My daughter did that at 3wks and turned out she had reflux and the formula was affecting her. She’s allergic to the proteins in cows and soy formula. She didn’t do it at the night feeds either. Maybe go see doctor as that’s what l did and they were spot on fixing her.   Leanne
  •  Try feeding in a different position so gulping doesn’t occur.   Rebecca
  •  Infacol all the way.  Shannon
  •  Infacol worked sooo well for our LO.  Jenn
  • Brauers stomach calm 0.5ml right before every feed, normal strength Mylanta 0.5ml at the end of every feed. The Brauers stomach calm is a natural medicine and can be used half hourly when bub is in pain, does wonders for wind. Mylanta will also help with the wind but just in case it is reflux as well, the Mylanta will neutralize the acid in bubs stomach so if a bit does come back up it doesn’t hurt.   Laura
  •  Try heating a wheat pack for 30 seconds then wrap in a towel and the lay you lo on her tummy on the pack and gently rub her back. This used to help with my lo who had terrible wind pain. My chn gave me this idea.   Kara
  •  I took my daughter to a pediatric osteopath – best thing I did. Caroline
  •  Infacol was a lifesaver for my little girl & 2 friends little boys.   Jacqui
  •  My bub did that at 4 weeks old & turned out it was reflux…for wind you could try gripe water or Infacol.  Leah
  • Infacol helped my little man. He just had a phase of windiness and has been good since. He also ended up not liking being patted to burp but preferred sitting with a leg either side of my leg (like riding a horse) and rocking back and forth. No idea why he started it but it kept him happy.   Elysha
  • Our DD was the exact same. It got to the stage where she was eating because it was painful. Tried infant’s friends and gripe water. One doctor said to try lactose formula and see if that was causing her issues but after no better a doctor finally prescribed her some meds for reflux. I know everyone says all bubs go through it and try this and that first but the longer we tried different things the worse it got. But her meds are working and we are all a lot less stressed. Talk to your doctor if you’re concerned as it could be a number of things. He also told me to through infant’s friend and gripe water out as can be useless when they are in that pain.   Sharni
  •  Infacol helped my girl also feeding her as upright (sitting) helped and lying her face down on my legs and patting rubbing helped her.  Casey
  •  Get some Marina wind drops! Works wonders! My lo was like that too!   Rennae
  •  The wind takes approximately 12 hours to go through the system so in fact it may be the night feeds that are affecting her.  Jacinta
  • Try gripe water, but yes they go through this @ 4 weeks. Be patient as they are learning so much & experiences so many new things. It will pass.   Jodi
  • Poor love, I recon I’ve got the windiest baby of all. My ds is 9 Weeks old and suffers badly. Try bringing his toes to her nose and then straighten her out and keep repeating that. Bicycle legs, bring legs up to her cheesy and hold it there, she may fight out but as she is she is pushing. Rub her belly clockwise around her belly button. I also found that I’ve also tried a wheat bag on my sons belly, placing him over my legs and rubbing, patting. It’s really hard because they are in so much pain and distress but just comfort her and try everything, that’s all you can really do. Good luck.  Alison
  • Infacol helped my son a little bit but at that age to about 10 weeks they do start to cry a lot spesh in the afternoon. Maybe take to docs to check for reflux. If your BF you could have too much milk (that was my problem) best of luck.  Cass
  •  Checkout failsafe diet/fed up, food intolerance info on web, RPA also has allergy/intolerance unit, dietician would be a great starting point, good luck.  Ange
  •  Try infant wind drop you can get them from the chemist.  Simone
  •  Did you go egg or nut free? That would be my next guess…Ssaira
  •  Brauers stomach calm .5ml right before every feed, normal strength Mylanta .5ml at the end of every feed. The Brauers stomach calm is a natural medicine and can be used half hourly when bub is in pain, does wonders for wind. Try laying bubs on side to sleep and raise head of bassinette so bub is more upright to sleep.   Laura
  •  I would talk to your GP/CHN before doing to much more with taking things out of your diet as this can be bad for you and then effect your milk, also try putting a few large books (text books or phone books are great) under his head end of the cot to get a little bit more uprightness for his.  Kate
  •  I would recommend seeing a dietician and getting proper advice on eliminating certain foods. At 14months my darling daughter still has tummy and gas issues if I/we eat things that contain things like salicylates and dairy. Seeing a dietician really helped, changed our lives!   Dee-Ann
  •  I know someone whose baby had the same issue with the wind and was recommended to see a chiropractor, they did some slight adjusting which wasn’t painful and apparently there a pocket of air that was release in digestive tract that kept causing wind… The baby use to be quite restless all the time…. Maybe look into that.  Ruella
  •  I found I had to eliminate dairy, wheat, onion, tomato, bananas from my diet and take my baby to chiropractor to solve bad gas/tummy issues. If I ate any of these within 24hrs I would have him in pain and screaming for hours. I also found a dairy free probiotic helped.   Amber
  •  Marina infant mixture. All natural just over the counter and the chemist.  Emma
  •  Have you tried eliminating soy? And have you seen a doctor/pediatrician? My LO suffered badly from reflux & cow’s milk & soy protein intolerance from birth. He’s nearly 16 months old now & still hasn’t outgrown the intolerances but he’s been off his reflux meds for about 2 months now. He was still having a lot of tummy & wind problems up until about 13 months old.   Gabrielle
  •  Are you eating chocolate? My darling daughter had trouble with chocolate. Also wheat, gluten, dairy, yeast, eggs and things like cabbage n beans. I stopped all while breast feeding and after a while slowly introduced it back into my diet and she was fine. 21 months now and can eat anything. Good luck x P.s my OB suggested this as his wife is a dietitian. Worked wonders x   Laura

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