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Reflux medication increase risk of allergies in children

Reflux Medication Increase Risk of Allergies

A new update on the use of anti-reflux medications in children. True reflux in infants occurs when stomach acid comes up the digestive tract and irritates the digestive lining. It …

Expert Advice For The Reflux Baby

Expert Advice For The Reflux Baby

Expert advice for the reflux baby – the condition, symptoms and tips to minimise the impacts.

How To Get Rid Of Wind In Babies

Dealing with Wind

How To Get Rid Of Wind In Babies. Parents share their tips for relieving wind in babies. This baby is screaming and arching their back during feeds.

General Complaints in Pregnancy

Q&A: What discomforts did you face in pregnancy and how did you overcome them?

Reflux in Pregnancy: General Tips

Reflux occurs in two thirds of all pregnant women and can be very unpleasant! Here are some tips from other mums about how they dealt with it.

baby reflux

Reflux in babies

Q&A: What are your best tips for other parents with babies with reflux, what worked for you, what doesn’t help?? How old was your baby when diagnosed and when did it resolve?

Newborn Drinking Milk

Best formula for reflux?

Q&A: I’ve just found out my baby has reflux – is there a formula that is better for them?

Q&A with Dr Howard Chilton

Paediatrician Tips: Q&A with Dr Howard Chilton

Recently, we invited members of our Facebook page to submit questions for Dr Chilton to answer during a timed Q&A sessions. Questions ranged from sleeping issues to cysts on gums. Read on to see Dr Chilton’s response to each of the questions.