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Dear Dad, Here’s To Getting Mothers Day Right!

tips for dads on Mothers DayIt’s that time of year again when we need to stop and appreciate the mum’s in our life. If you want to know the secret to creating a memorable Mother’s Day, read on! Amanda Nicholls shares her tips on spoiling your special lady.

Before I became a mother myself, I have to say I didn’t see the significance of Mother’s Day. Sure I love my mum, but I love her every day of the week! I was more partial to celebrations like Christmas or my birthday (or any other occasion where I received gifts). But as my first Mother’s Day as a new mum approached, I was hanging for that day. A day where my husband and daughter told me I didn’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn, it was my turn to sleep in. A day where I could put my feet up while my husband changed the nappies, fed the baby and kept the house in order. A day where I could have a shower or use the loo in absolute privacy. Bliss!

My first Mother’s Day was when I realised that the day wasn’t just about the presents (mind you – it certainly doesn’t hurt to be showered in gifts and love), but the genuine appreciation for all that I do day in and day out is a day that every mum not only wants, but needs.

So in the spirit of helping you score big time with the Mrs, I’ve compiled a list of helpful hints on how to rock your special lady’s socks this Mother’s Day just for you gents. Just call me the happy wife fairy. You can thank me later.

Handprint-bouquet-from-kinder-crazeHome made and from the heart…

Home made gifts from the kids – think cards with hand prints painted on. Not only will your kids love doing a craft activity with you, but mummy will melt at the sentiment. Here’s one we love from Kindercraze Blog.

Quality time…

Your time and appreciation of all your wife does is the key. She won’t remember the dressing gown or slippers she was given – she will remember the day based on the actions of you and your kids. Block the day out in your calendar and be there ready to spoil the mummy in your life all day long. Right from breakfast in bed down to getting the kids into bed, and make sure you’ve got a bottle of wine chilling in the fridge to toast her excellent mum skills at the day’s end.

Surprise her…

Organise a family outing as a surprise for mum. It doesn’t matter where you go or what you do, the fact that you’ve organised it and the kids will score major brownie points. Picnics are a winner, a trip to a wildlife park or a walk through the botanic gardens are all top ideas.

Create new traditions…

Try building an annual tradition that includes the kids. Plant a Mother’s Day garden and add something to it every year so that she can see her garden grow as the kids grow. Or take family portraits every year – eventually you’ll have enough memories to create a beautiful keepsake photo book.

As I previously mentioned, it’s not so much about the gifts as it is about the love and showing mum how much she is appreciated. But a good gift with a dash of thoughtfulness will be the cherry on top of a gorgeous Mother’s Day.

Try a few of these suggestions for mothers day gift inspiration:

  • A lovely teapot and some tea
  • A day spa voucher
  • A gift voucher for her favourite shop
  • Flowers
  • Movie vouchers
  • A promise to babysit while she has a girls night

Amanda NicholsAbout the AuthorAmanda is a magazine editor and an author of children’s books whose secret guilty mummy pleasure is binging on back to back episodes of anything from Gossip Girl to Sons of Anarchy and The Walking Dead. While writing is her passion, being a mum to her two beautiful girls is what she does best. Amanda’s husband constantly complains that her stories are never ending, a trait which she has almost certainly passed onto her three year old who not only looks just like her mum, but can talk underwater like her too. Hailing from the Blue Mountains in NSW, Amanda is currently loving life as a family of four and spending every minute she can spoiling her girls. Any spare time she has after that is spent playing Candy Crush.

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