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eBabies: The Surprising Baby Trend of 2021

With the dating landscape dramatically changed in the last 5 years, so is the way that Australian babies are being conceived.


Forget meeting your baby daddy at work or at the local pub on a Friday night. With online dating now being the forefront for how we meet our other halves, a new trend has emerged that we would never have predicated…

Tech has changed how we’re having babies!

All that swiping right, clicking yes and anticipatory texting has changed both the dating, conception and birth landscape for good. Children born to parents who met online will now be the majority within the next 18 years.

Forget the stigma of not wanting to tell people you met online (remember that old How I Met Your Mother Episode?!) it’s your loud and proud moment online daters. eBabies are now more than the norm but in fact the greatest slice of the newborn pie.

Within the next decade, 34 per cent of newborns will be considered ebabies, and more Australians are expected to meet online by 2040 rather than through more traditional means.

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We’re meeting online more than anywhere else

The days of meeting a potential partner at the local RSL or being introduced by mates are also seemingly gone, with 29.4 per cent of Australians saying online dating is their go-to when looking for a relationship.

Monash University academics and eHarmony have found that 48 per cent of people believed the online world made it easier to meet someone. So lose that pre-conceived notion that hitting your phone is just for ‘hitting it’ because online is now for conceiving too! (Unless thats definitely not what your looking for a keep that thing wrapped tight!)

More technology, more babies

In another interesting twist it turns out that the e-couples are also more like to be bigger breeders than those who met without the help of the internet. The report also found couples who met online between 2014 and 2020 had 2.3 per cent more babies on average in comparison to couples who met face-to-face. (Watch out, you might end up needing one of these giant co-sleeping beds?!)

Have you got an eBaby? Are you following or bucking the trend? However, whenever and no matter on what app you met your partner – here’s to a happy life and beautiful babies. We’re crushing hard on this very 21st century trend. What about you?

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