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We live in an app-driven society. There are apps for transport, food delivery, dating and menial tasks around the home. So why shouldn’t there also be baby apps, designed for parents JUST LIKE YOU who need all the help they can get?

Here are a number of our favourite baby apps. We’ve broken them down by function and then included what some members of our Baby Hints and Tips community had to say about the apps. Get your phones out, get onto the app store and get clicking, baby!

Baby apps

Baby Apps that help you keep track

The Baby Diaries

The Baby Diaries is a free and super easy to use all-in-one baby app that lets you record everything in the one place! From sleeping to feeding – breast, bottle and solids – nappies, medical requirements and milestones. The really cool thing is that it charts it all for you so you can start to identify trends with your baby’s developments and you can sync to multiple devices. It also has a resource/educational section along with supporting small brands in their marketplace.

  • This app was so useful in helping me with my twin girls. It was so hard to remember their individual feed and sleep times and to chart it all for me was so handy. Totally recommend this app – Gemma
  • Couldn’t ask for anything more for new mums! Tracking, resources/education, shopping…all of these got me though the daze and confusion of the first few weeks – Casey


This new but wonderful Australian app-based community brings together the support of a traditional, non-judgemental village in a safe, supportive environment. This nurturing village of mummabears are dedicated to supporting the woman within every mum, every day. A place where every voice is heard and every struggle is acknowledged.
Experience, embrace and explore mum support like never before.

  • This app is truly amazing and to have the support right then and there when you need it, helped me get through some touch and emotional times – Emma


Sprout is all-in-one baby app that lets you record everything in the one place! Sleeping to feeding to medical visits – it’s like having a baby book right inside your phone. The really cool thing is that it includes a ‘milestones’ section for recording those special moments.

  • I used Sprout and it was fantastic! Had everything including activity time and it showed you weekly charts. Rebecca
  • Sprout has a memories section where you can record milestones and photos.

Baby Day Book

This app allows you to easily keep track of things like feeding, pumping, nappy changes and naps. You can then sync the information with another device (one belonging to your partner, care giver or another relative) which means no missed communication!

  • I used Baby Day Book. It’s a free download and has saved my sanity. It records sleep, feeds, nappies, medicines – the lot! Danielle
  • Baby Day Book has everything! Bottle, expressing (what boob and the length of time you expressed for and how much you expressed), times, nappy changes, baths, tummy time. It recorded so much! Emma

Feed Baby

Feed Baby is one of those baby apps that’s almost overwhelming in terms of what it actually offers! Here’s a short list of what you can find on it:

  • Tracking of feeding, toileting, pumping, sleeps, medical and bathing
  • Ability to sync between devices
  • Ability to track multiple children
  • Timelines that demonstrate patterns, including graphs and reports
  • Feeding sessions that are logged and can be printed for discussion with lactation consultants
  • Fully supported and regularly updated
  • Feed Baby App records everything you need. Louise
  • Feed Baby App was completely free for Android and has everything you’re looking for. Amber
  • Feed Baby App does all plus more – nappies, sleeps, baths, growths, medicines. It has lots of different displays too like graphs, charts and daily overviews. Tamara

Baby Apps that answer your questions

You might be fine with keeping track of what’s going on but you might have some burning questions about your child’s development. Baby Hints and Tips recommends speaking to your maternal child health nurse or your medical practitioner in the first instance but if you’d like some ‘pocket support’, try these two apps on for size…

The Wonder Weeks

You’ll see a lot of chat on Facebook about The Wonder Weeks and there’s good reason. The Wonder Weeks is an app that helps you understand what developmental stages your child is going through at what time. It can help provide some solace if you’re having a particularly difficult week or if you’re wondering why your child slept like an angel last week and now seems allergic to bed.

Got a baby apps suggestion?

Have you used a baby app for your newborn or small baby? Did it help? We’d love to hear from you and keep updating this list for other parents! Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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