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Elective induction of labour

elective induction of labourJust wondering if anyone has had an elective induction of labour ?


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  • I have…my second was an elective induction due to a possible quick labour…they would not consider it before 38 weeks and would only do it IF and WHEN my body was ready Kirsty
  • I had an elective induction at 39 weeks due to my partner being FIFO. I was terrified he would miss the birth which for me outweighed any risks of a more painful birth as I thought I can cope with the pain but would be upset if he missed the birth. I ended up with an emergency c section (not die to being induced) and if we have another baby I would do it again Claire
  • Yes. Due to abnormalities on fetal Mri.,induced in due date to give best possible “controlled” outcome. Ended in emlscs but would have been anyway I think due to pelvic abnormality. Wouldn’t suggest it unless it’s indicated. Anja
  • I had an induction with my second as he was much bigger than my first they didn’t want me to go any further than due date as I may not be able to naturally give birth. It was hard and quick and scary as hell. But once I had my baby none of it mattered!! Courtney
  • Yes, it’s was fast and intense but once I had an epidural I slept for the last two hours and had a very healthy little baby Emily
  • I was induced at 39 weeks. It progressed quickly and was intense. Had an epidural and slept for 1.5hrs. My beautiful little girl came 10mins later. I decided to induce as my partner is FIFO and the stress of not having him there out weighed the risks. It turned out to be a very simply delivery and I would do it again. Kathryn
  • I was induced at 40 w+ 1d because my waters broke 3-4 days before that (the labor didn’t started). I didn’t wanted the epidural but ended up taking it as the contractions were too painful and I woudln’t dilate fast enough. Natural delivery in the end. Next time I would prefer for the “natural” process to start by itself (as long as my water don’t break before the time!!) Tracy
  • yep as water had broken but labour did not start. Worst decision ever!!!! Second birth started on its own and i enjoyed every minute of it!!! Samantha
  • I had a social induction for DD #2. Two reasons – to avoid the long (three-day) labour I endured with DD#1 and to ensure my doctor was on duty … Because she understood how ridiculously slowly I laboured and wouldn’t let that happen again (she was off duty the first time). Worked a charm – this labour was far more intense but lasted only nine hours. Would definitely do it again. Bronwyn
  • I did, so my mum wouldn’t miss the birth before having to go back home interstate. Personally I won’t do it again, we went with the cooks catheter to try bring on natural labour, when it was removed they broke my waters and this didn’t work so I was then put on the hormone drip, when I finally fell into labour it was straight into full on intense contractions, rather than the build up which is how your pain threshold works towards the management so when I was told that even though I was in the throws of immense pain and 3-5 mins between contractions I was only 2 cms and still had atleast 10 hours to go, gas didn’t help and I opted for an epidural before the pethadine even kicked in. This slowed the process as I couldn’t carry out an active labour. So in the end I went into hospital at 3pm on a monday afternoon and bub didn’t make an entrance till 1am Wednesday. 9 days late. Next time I dont care who will or wont be there, I will wait as long as it takes Tracey
  • I did with my 3rd as i had gestational diabetes. I had no problems whatsoever. There are a lot of horror stories out there but everyone is different. I was only in labour for 15 mins with him Kylie
  • I chose to be induced at 38 weeks due to my husband working away (about 12 hours drive) as well as my doctor expecting I could go into labour at any point anyway (and he suspected it would be quick too). I was already dilating and bub was well engaged so they put a small amount of the gel on my cervix at about 9 pm and put me to bed at around 10.30. I got back up at 11.30, called hubby to come be with me and bub was born at 12.09. It was intense but I was glad it was fast and I think it worked so well because my body was already getting itself organised. I would definitely do it again as I found it reduced my anxiety around the labour. Ruth
  • I was induced at 39 weeks. I wasn’t progressed towards labor what so ever. I had NO pain. Litteraly didn’t feel anything. Labor was a total of 3 & 1/2 hrs and only pushed for MAYBE 10mins I had sooo many horror stories about how horrible induction was, but it was great! It isn’t always bad Trista

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