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Preparing for labour

Preparing for Labour: 9 Things to Consider Now!

Labour is a very daunting and life changing event. Samantha Birch discusses a wide range of things that you will need to consider before the contractions start.

inducing labour so FIFO husband can attend labour

Inducing so FIFO husband can attend birth

inducing labour so FIFO husband can attend birth – parents share how they managed when baby was due when FIFO husband rostered to work

induction with gel

Induction with gel

Induction with gel. Mums share their experience with being induced with gel alone. How soon labour progressed and if they could go home

elective induction of labour

Elective induction of labour

Just wondering if anyone has had an elective induction of labour ?   Read midwife tips on induction of labour Positive experiences of induction here I have…my second was an …

Positive induction experiences

Induction of Labour – positive birth stories

Q&A: Can anyone share their positive experiences with being induced?

Acupuncture in Labour: Advice

Q&A: Would love to hear all of your experiences with acupuncture to induce labour and if it worked for you? Also any other tips would be great! Trying to avoid a medical induction

What should I expect from induction of labour


Q&A: I’m booked in to be induced next week. What can I expect?

Medically inducing labour - midwife tips

Medically inducing labour – midwife tips

There are many questions related to induction of labour but for this issue I will concentrate on medical ways of inducing.