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Enjoying Christmas Day when Pregnant

christmas day when pregnantBy Sarah Pearce

Pregnancy is a bit of a roller coaster normally, and being pregnant on the biggest day of the year just adds to the fun! We’ve got some great tips to help you enjoy yourself, as well as some nifty present ideas we hope you’ll find in your stocking this year.

Christmas Dinner Alternatives

One of the ‘joys’ of pregnancy are all the diet restrictions caused by that nasty bug listeria – cold seafood, ham on the bone, wine and beer, salads made the day before… is there anything not on the list? Of course there is!

Pre-cooked prawns: Buy your prawns green and cook them just before eating. There many easy, quick and fabulously tasty marinades that you can try.

Wine: Try a flavoured mineral water or get adventurous with a mocktail

Leg of ham: Try something completely different and prepare a traditional Christmas Roast – you can throw a leg of pork or a rolled lamb shoulder in the oven and just pull it out when done (just make sure you use a meat thermometer). Add some veggies an hour before lunch, and you could even try some yorkshire puddings (yum!)

Salad: Rather than buying salad premade or prepping it the day before, wash your ingredients well and cut everything up in the morning.

Eating out: Go through a copy of the menu a couple of weeks before you get there – that way you can make sure there is something on there that you can not only eat, but that you like, and there will be time to request a special dish if there isn’t.

Fresh fruit: Choose fruits that can be served whole, such as grapes, strawberries and stone fruit, and do any cutting up required just before serving.

With a little bit of planning, Christmas dinner will be just as enjoyable as it always is.

Staying cool

Even the most ardent of Summer heat lovers are normally knocked for six when they are pregnant. If you have access to a pool or live near a beach, the water offers a great way to stay cool, but it’s not always an option.

A bucket of cold water for your feet can help keep your temp down, just top up with ice as the water becomes warm. When it’s really hot, tip a bucket over your self too – instant air conditioning as your clothes dry!

Maxi dresses are a great way to keep cool (that baby bump means there is more room for air to circulate around your legs!) and the length means that you don’t have to head to the maternity wear section to make sure everything remains covered up. The best thing is you can keep wearing it after bub is born, especially if they are born while the weather is still hot.

Play the pregnancy card to get prime access to the air conditioner, fans or shady spots in the breeze. You’re growing a human, that deserves VIP treatment!

Take it easy, it’s okay if things are simpler this year, or if you delegate tasks to everyone else.

Keeping your cool stress-wise is important too.

Presents for parents-to-be

Are you looking for a present for soon-to-be-parents but want it to be just for them instead of the baby (who will be getting lots of their own presents pretty soon anyway)? Presents that focus on me-time or activities that are hard to do once baby arrives are ideal. You could:

  • Book tickets to a show or the local cinema
  • Organise a gift certificate for a massage or pedicure
  • Buy a book or board game to enjoy
  • Buy a gift voucher so mum can get some new clothes to flaunt her post-baby body.
  • Spring clean their house (either yourself or pay for a cleaner) so they can have more time to relax
  • Book a night away

Being pregnant at Christmas rocks!

We asked our BHT members what the best part was about being pregnant on Christmas Day:

  • The best part for me was knowing that the next Christmas, I’d have a child that I could buy presents for and create traditions with. It was also great being around family and having them feel my bump and talk to the baby and basically take care of me all day lol I don’t think I had to move once. I did miss all the yummy food and Christmas cocktails though. Chloe
  • Eating as much as I could and not having to worry about sucking my tummy in. Sharon
  • Being able to leave the table straight after lunch and go and have a nap on the couch without anyone telling you off!! Kristi
  • Great excuse for sleeping in, napping in the afternoon and not cleaning up after the party. Kritsanee
  • I wore a t-shirt that said ‘I am hiding the best present ever’ with a bow that sat at the top of my belly! Jenny
  • The presents! ! Not only did we get gifts ourselves but even more gifts for baby. Emma

Most importantly, enjoy the day!

Sarah Pearce is a stay at home mum of three very cute and excitable children, two of whom are on the Autism Spectrum. When she has some energy to spare she helps out behind the scenes at Baby Hints & Tips. She is passionate about raising awareness about the joys and struggles of special needs parenting. For all her articles, click here.


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