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Gestational Diabetes Friendly Foods for Christmas

gestational diabetes foodsWhat are your favourite gestational diabetes foods? I am hosting the family Christmas get together this year, but my sister has gestational diabetes. I really don’t want her to miss out. What foods can I serve that won’t send her glucose/carb readings over the edge?

  •  If u r doing roast potatoes buy the Coles brand CARISMA potatoes as they r low GI. Anything low GI is fine. Look up the glycemic index. Salads obviously. U can also get low gi/ high fiber bread and rolls from bakers delight too.   Lisa
  •  Fruit cake n mince pies are fine, lean hot meats n salads or veg. Potatoes are out or anything high fat or high I’m sugar. No juices but diet drinks are fine. Good luck! Maybe Google low gi Xmas food? or I know there’s a diabetes mag might have some crissy recipes. Emma
  •  I’d just ask her. She will be able to come up with a menu with you. I wouldn’t be upset if someone had to ask me and I’ve had it.  Terri
  •  Lots of meats & proteins & less sugary foods.    Katie
  •  Basically she needs protein (roast chook or whatever u BBQ up), carbs (obligatory potato salad) and veg/salad. Which I imagine a lot of people do at Xmas anyway. For something sweet fruit or suggest getting onto diabetes Australia website, there’s a GD section or Google anything low GI for a dessert recipe.  Emma
  •   That’s great you’re being so supportive of your sister! Everyone’s suggestions are great but in all honesty she’s the one that will have to watch what she eats. You can eat all the ‘right’ foods and still get a high reading. It’s more the combination of too many things that you have to be careful of.  Alex

What are your favourite gestational diabetes foods for Christmas?

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