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Episiotomy recovery with physiotherapy

Sportswoman having a leg stretchingHas anyone had a midwife refer them to a physiotherapist after a traumatic birth for episiotomy recovery after a large incision? What were your experiences?

  • I had a physio come round while I was in hospital and they use ultrasound to help the tear heal faster, also can reduce any hemaroids you might have gotten. Vanessa
  • I was referred to a physio after birth of my 2nd child, I had 4th degree tear(vaginal all way through to butt). In the first couple mths I couldn’t even hold in my poo, after 6mths I could hold it in enough to get to toliet..they do help you & teach u how to exercise your core muscles etc to get strength back,some exercises can be embarrassing.my boy is 4yrs old, I’m still not 100% but least I can hold on til getting to toliet,& I have my sex life back… Janet
  • I did not have an episiotomy, but I did have the physio. I only needed it once. It’s quick and non invasive. Takes 2 minutes per treatment. Wether or not you need more is totally up to you Kathryn
  • Had big tear had physio as i got really bad back pain only went twice & the exercises fixed in 2 weeks Rachael
  • I was referred to physio after my episiotomy and did have quite a long traumatic labour , all the physio wanted to do was make sure everything was ok with my tummy ‘gap’ other than that she just asked some questions about down there and everything was fine so off I went. The reason I was referred was because I didn’t have much feeling to go to the toilet..etc Madison
  • large episiotomy with first physio was great. Ended up with vulua varicosy with 2nd and physio really helped. Ended up with a tear during birth of second due to forceps will continue to see physio as my pelvic floor is very weak and physio helped strengthen it Carolyn
  • Yes, it is well worth it! Pm me if you like as my story Is a little longish but I went for 5 weeks straight and once a month for a check and I’m now almost completely pain free. Tiffany
  • physio for episiotomy is normal, they tell u wat u can n can’t do for a bit. Salena
  • Yes I had to have physio for almost 5 months. Definitely beneficial! My physiotherapist was lovely. Rebecca
  • The physio will discuss exercises with you to strengthen your pelvic floor and bladder control…its harmless but a good help! Ille
  • Yes I saw a physio because the scar tissue in my scar made pelvic floor muscles seize up. Ultrasound brought it all back to normal quickly Kim
  • Yes, I just had my last session today with great results. Physio just checks internal wall muscles are healing and you’re strengthening your pelvic floor muscles properly so that you can go on to not have a prolapse. It’s really helpful as I didn’t know if I was doing my exercises correctly! She checks that the scar is healing properly and that you don’t have any bulges. They answer any concerns and I found it really helpful! Monique
  • Ultrasound they do helped heal my stitches and helped to relive some pain. Courteney
  • Ultrasound is awesome for helping with scar / episiotomy pain. Quick, easy and helps pain immediately. Jessica

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