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Exercise Tips: What Exercises NOT to do Post Pregnancy

Expert tips by Lorraine Scapens from PregnancyExercise

If you want your abdominal muscles to recover from a pregnancy and get a flat tummy within 6 months of having your baby you must not do.

exercise to avoid post pregnancy

Exercises to avoid 6 months after giving birth

  • Crunches
  • Planks
  • Full Press ups
  • V sit ups
  • Pilates 100 have or have poor posture until your Diastasis Recti-Post Pregnancy Muscle Separation has healed completely.

So what are Diastasis recti?

A D.R is caused by your uterus pushing up against your linea alba during your pregnancy. The separation occurs from 30+ weeks but multiple pregnancies, poor posture and not correcting a DR before a consecutive pregnancy can see a DR appearing as soon as 12-13 weeks!
More info on a DR

Why not do these exercises?

All of the above increase a diastasis recti-abdominal separation; you also need to make sure that you don’t do the above during your pregnancy as this will increases premature separation.
Pregnancy hormones Progesterone and Relaxin weaken your muscle ligaments and are in your system up to 4- 6months post pregnancy. When you perform the exercises above it forces the abdominal muscles into a V-shape, basically an arrow which then pushes up and out through the already weakened muscle, separating the linea alba further or preventing it from healing. The more you do these exercises with post pregnancy muscle separation the wider the gap can get ensuring you will never get rid of that preggy belly!

Safe exercises post baby

Stay away from crunches and these exercises and instead perform safe tummy exercises. This is the first exercise you need to do post the birth of your baby and you should also do this up to 16 weeks pregnant:
For safe and effective pre or post pregnancy exercises you can have a look at the programs on my website:   Also try the self-test and check your DR


Lorraine Scapens

Lorraine is a Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist with 20 years experience training pregnant and post natal women. She has specialized in Pregnancy and Post Natal Exercise for more than 15 Years. Her websites are Pregnancy Exercise and Turning Baby, and you can read her blog here. She is also on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. You can contact her at [email protected]. To see all of Lorraine’s articles, click here.


Disclaimer: This information is general advice only, and you are advised to discuss any concerns you may have with your GP or midwife, or before starting a new exercise regime. Lorraine is not able to provide you with medical advice. You cannot hold Lorraine liable in any way for injuries that may occur whilst training.

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