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Experiences with Croup

Croup is a viral infection resulting in loud breathing and a barking cough.  It mainly occurs in children under 5 years old, with some getting it up until 8.  If symptoms develop you should seek help immediately.  Croup often develops after a child has a cold.

experiences with croup

Community experiences with croup:

My 6 month old baby girl has just been diagnosed with Croup. She has started on steroids which will hopefully help over the next few days. We have been advised to sleep her in a warm, moist environment so we have the heater and vaporizer running over night. Just wondering if mums with experience have any other pointers on how to deal with Croup.

Medical disclaimer:

Tips provided need to be considered in conjunction with medical advice. For immediate concerns, please contact HealthDirect (Australia wide) ph 1800 022 222 – to talk to a registered nurse 24hrs a day, and in emergencies call 000.

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 Community experiences with croup

  • My son gets croup… Very cold water during coughing fit. I don’t know why you were told a moist environment… You want it as dry as possible, no vaporiser! My son had croup one winter and I set up the vapouriser and it led him to a coughing fit turn asthma attack. Scariest night of my life. If the coughing WILL NOT STOP icy cold water, if that doesn’t help take her outside for 5 minutes. Croup is inflammation, so the cold water an cold air reduces the swelling slightly helping them breathe. And definitely take her to the hospital if she isn’t breathing in between coughs, vomiting, etc listen to your instincts. Carleen
  • It was very scary when our DS had it. But the steroids made such a huge difference within hours. Just keep a very close eye on her. And cuddles! Many cuddles. Jessica
  • My son has had croup many time now so here is what has worked for us – Vicks vaporizer running but his ceiling fan on low to get some air movement because it gets kinda warm. We put a pillow under the head end of his cot mattress so his body is slightly slightly elevated. If he is really coughing we rug him up then go out into the cool night air. Apparently the airways swell during a bout of croup & the cold night air helps them to open up. Run a hot shower & close the bathroom door & shower door then stand in the shower with him to breath in the steam. Just a word of advise – while the steroid medication works a dream doctors are hesitant to give it to children who have had it already unless it’s a very severe case I guess. We were given it the first time our son got croup but were told that once children get croup they tend to get it again & again. Kevin
  • No warm moist environment! The barking cough is caused by inflamed airways – inflamed means warm & swollen. You need to soothe the inflammation with cool air the same way you use cool water on a burn. I’m not saying blow cold air in their face but no heaters! Leave the window in the room open just a little so cool air can circuate…. Tanya
  • Vaporisers and steam are not recommended any more. They do not do a thing. My daughter is on her third round of croup in 8 weeks. The steroids work wonders. Watch for breathing changes and don’t hesitate to head to hospital. Tracey
  • My son has had it heaps of times & the cold night air helps it. Not every time but it has helped a couple of times. I was warned away from vaporisers & steam. Good luck Shannon
  • Cold dry environment works for my kids. The warm and damp advice is outdated. Wrap your child and yourself up warm and go for a walk in the cold night air or sit outside looking at stars. The cold air reduces the inflammation in their lungs and allows them to breath easier again without the need for steroids. My 13yo daughter still gets croup every winter and she sleeps with a fan blowing cold air onto her face which makes it much easier for her to breath. She hasn’t needed steroids in 12 years. Kyra
  • I use vicks on chest back and feet with socks. Avoid bathing at night altogether. My mil made me put a teaspoon of sugar on an onion and feed the juice to the kids. I use to do it when they were little not so much now. Both are on flixotide and haven’t had it this year! I haven’t had to give my kids redipred ever and they get it every few weeks. It’s just what you can manage as a parent. I would use a half dose of Nurofen instead as that helps with inflammation and pain Elkstar
  • My darling baby boy has had croup since april. His first episode put him in ICU at the RCH for 4 nites. On life support for 24hours. Its horrible. And we just had another episode 3 weeks ago and called an ambulance. They said iam going to have a shit winter. So i use euky bear rub on his chest a steamy shower b4 bed and a vaporiser in his room off a nite with the house temp at 19deg all nite. PLS call an ambulance if u have any concerns during the night!!!!!! Cate
  • How scary for you, my little one has had it once doc gave me some steroids if chest went concave and to take him straight to hospital. He is 8 Months old. I had it too as a child and grew up to get regular tonsillitis and bronchitis! Elinda
  • You may find now that you’re little one will be prone to it. My son was and fit it all the time. .As he got older he has grown out of it. We found redi pred git rid of it within 3 days Rina
  • I was told warm air is a no no? I rugged my little boy up as told and took him out in the cool air for him to breathe it in. He only needed the one syringe of steroids Jess
  • Cold air and cold water. Carleen
  • My 2.5yesr old has had it twice now. Recently she was hospitalised as she was only about 10 minutes from suffocating herself. She was put in steroids and cleared it up in about 3 days! It’s so scary!! The air needs to be moist, so avoid heaters and air cons. If you need a heater, make sure you have a humidifier (you can buy them from the chemist for around $60). The humidifier works wonders! Hope this helps xx Amanda
  • Cup ur hand and gently pat on back to loosen phlegm. Louise
  • Steam up the bathroom with the hot water tap running in the shower helps just as well as a vaporiser, my Mum did this a lot when my sister had it when she was a baby. Redipred also helps the cough, hope ur baby girl is better soon xx croup is horrible! Nicole
  • We get a lot of croup with our little one. The steroids should work well but listen for noisy intake of breath (stridor) during the night and if so its time for hospital (best to call an ambulance). Despite all the conflicting advice on here we absolutely have to keep our boy in a warm moist environment when he is sick otherwise he barely sleeps at all. Good luck. Tanya
  • Keep calm keep bubs calm, getting worked up over anything crying and yelling make it worse, sometimes just worth giving whatever they want to keep them happy and calm for a couple of days just to help get through until the steroids kick in. Lucy
  • We just let it run it’s course. 3 weeks and he was fully better. Not much we could do we were told. Tracy
  • Me and my two year old both have croup. You can’t get rid of it. It cones and goes yes but you’ll never truly get rid of it. Alexis
  • I didn’t find the vaposiser to be any help at all I just found all she wanted was cuddles n cuddles n more cuddles my lo was 7m when she got it just be very very careful Kass
  • Our 10 mo has just had it and the steroids had a huge impact and he slept much better immediately. We we’re advised not to use a vaporizer as the researched showed it had little impact. Just keep her warm and quiet so she doesn’t get worked up and start coughing. Kate
  • my baby drank water like a fish when she had it! seemed to help her lots! Brittney
  • Put yellow pages or so thick book at the head end under the matteress to help wth the breathing at night. Jacquelyn
  • My daughter gets croup everytime she gets the flu, she is prone to it due to problems a birth. It is not recommended to use hot showers as there is a better chance of kids getting steam burns and it acturally help. Taking them outside in the cold air for 2 minutes will help as it makes them breath deeper. Always check the child’s neck and the bottom of their ribs for sucking in when they breath in if there is any sign call ambo straight away Ash
  • Take her into shower sit with her on toilet the steam helps also bundle her up take outside in the late evening helps also Christina
  • Redipred (steroids) helps. I’m not sure about the vaporizer or steam, I work on ED and we certainly don’t use it there so I assume it makes no difference. Listen out for strider (noisy breathing in and out) if so – to hospital. Kirstie
  • My boy had it as a baby and would have steroids and also keep their room warm and temp constant. We also propped up cot like others have said. We were told by drs that during attack best thing is to rug them up in a blanket and take them outside as the cold air helps relax their breathing. We did that the second night he had it and was over a lot quicker than first night when we had steamed him in the bathroom. Jo
  • Run the shower hot and close the bathroom door get the room steamy and sit in there with baby as long as you can. Amy
  • do what you are doing and you will see the improvements Flower
  • I’m 20 and I still occasionally get croup, the steaming of the bathroom works awesomely, but yeah, the steroids should work very quickly Martiiqua
  • Try and keep them calm when they have an episode of coughing, go into the bathroom and stick a hot shower on and let it steam up, sit in there a while until they calm and the coughing stops. Avoid going out when it’s really cold. Always check their ribs when they are having an episode, if the space between the ribs start to pull in and the front under their chin in between the collarbones starts to pull in, they are struggling for breath and should take them into ER. Eliesha
  • Do what ur doing warm moist environment. Panadol and let them sleep elevate the cot mattress slightly. Nicole
  • Check on her as often as possible. Croup is so much more serious than people raise. I’d be checking once an hour around the clock. A lady I work with had two kids with it atm and her doctor pretty much told her not to sleep. Allie
  • My first boy got it a few times I just kept him in the bathroom and run the shower before bed and if he woke during the night repeated the process. It was a horrible few yrs but he’s 4 now and grew outter it Rebecca
  • Our whole family and children suffered/suffers from croup. Steam from the shower is the best remedy. Run the shower and sit with Bubs in the steamy bathroom, just make sure you wrap them and keep them warm. Attacks normally start at night when the air is cold between April and October so keep the house or their room warm. Vaporisers and Vicks can help and worst case scenario doctors will prescribe nebulisers and oral steroids to keep the airways open. Natalie
  • Raising the head of the cot. Miss four has suffered from croup since she was six months. My daughter responded well to warm not to cool air but each child is different Ange
  • Moist environments especially hot ones can exacerbate the issue. It’s not recommended to use anymore. But I have heard a lot of people using salt rooms and they swear by it, say it offers so much relief. Maybe a salt lamp too? Haylee
  • To be honest when my son had croup we had him in hospital overnight. They let us take him home for the day, but told us to bring him back at night (as it’s generally worse at night and not so bad during the day). Fiona
  • Oh, poor bub! It’s quite nasty at times. We use vaporisers and pandadol. She’s quite little so perhaps try sleeping her on an angle with her head higher. My son has had croup yearly since he was 6mths too. The steroids will do wonders and quite quickly too. Strangely going out in the cold very briefly can ease the cough a little. Sarah
  • Vicks on the bottom of the feet. Trisha
  • Moist environment is a no no it will lead to hospital for drugs topen his airways. Very cold water for coughs, steamy bathroom and keep them out of cold rooms etc Christelle
  • 2 of my boys have had croup i caught it early in all times bar 1 and the steriods helped the same day, once my middle son had to go into er as it started in the middle of the night and he had steroids and monitoring and was fine by the next day he was 1 the first time he go it, hopefully its resolved soon for you and follow drs advice but always remember Kaylah
  • No vaporiser, euky bear or vicks on back, chest and neck and then physio on their back to stop it settling on their chest Adam
  • My 5 year old daughter has croup too they told us not to use a vaporiser at all as it makes it worse. We give her Redipred it is really good Shell
  • if croup keeps going on her may have asthma and a puffer with a mask a spacer worked wonders for my little man because some doctors dont belive babies get it but PUSH FOR A CHEST XRAY PLEASE. As my old doctor over dosed my baby with the meausure by mills with the drugs and i nealy lost him Chels
  • One of my kids was taken to emergency at 9 months old with croup. It was very scary! The doctors there told us if it happens again to go for a drive with the windows down as the cold air is meant to help. Apparently the warm vaporisers have not been proven to work with croup. Although when are 2nd gets croup. Which she has done regulary since 5 weeks old (she is now nearly 4yo) the vaporiser seems to work well. So i don’t know maybe just a difference in opinions?! Belinda
  • My son has suffered it since he was 6 months old and he is now almost 5. We always have steroids in the fridge in case the cough develops quickly – he is usually only on it for 3 days. He has only been hospitalised 3 times and is finally at a point where he has grown out of it. I found his triggers were related to having a wet chest e.g. He used to dribble and drool lots so lots of changing clothes and bibs and no swimming shirt when swimming. He was in day care alot when he was younger so I had to make sure the carers were vigilant with keeping him dry. Megan
  • my GP also told me to keep her mattress elevated, room temp at 24 degrees celcius, she seems to be a lot better now, Lucindy
  • I was also told no vpouriser. Call 13 Health to confirm. The croup should be gone in 3 days or it stays for a doubke dose. My daughters always rurned into a chesty cough – ending in antibiotics. Don’t be afraid to go to hospital if breathing rrally bad. Good luck fee sleepless nights for you. I hate croup Dustine
  • Watch her breathing on her throat and ribs..if she is sucking in then go to hospital.. Susan
  • My 5 yo daughter has had it 6 + times we keep air mosur with vapouriser , we use the cool air (-air conditioner) . Sleep her as up right as possible . I have found manuka honey and Olive leaf to ease the cough . She also was given steroids . I read u were advised to keep air warm , we were advised to keep air cool . My son had it and we slept in the lounge room when he was little ,he is 12 now and has grown out of it . Bino
  • My boy has had it twice know and hes 2 1/2. NO HEATER. open a window for a cold breeze. The steroids will kick in and work great. Good luck. Tasha
  • When my boy is croupy I put blankets etc under the head of his mattress. This really seems to help him sleep better. This was a hint I got from my mum she used with my brother. Raising up a couple centimetres makes a difference Kate
  • My son got croup when he was 3weeks old and when he was 1year old. It was terrible he was hosipized twice and put on seriod mechines. But he fought tho it and got better but we are now always putting socks of, vicks when hes snoty. No good for any bubba Terri
  • My son had it a cpl of montgs ago the gp gave him the steriods and said if no change in 2 hours to head to hospital where we ended up they gave him adrenaline and monitored him for 5ish hours begore heading home scary stuff horrible horrible thing. Is comes on so so quick if we hear anysort of cough and breathing we now giv3 the steriods immediatly to advoid endingbup back in hospital have a script ifvneed be on hand as they have said he will more than likely be prone…… without being nasty to the person who said it is just a cough you havent seen croup theres a massive difference and you dont just treat it like you treat a cold Michelle
  • Young living essential oils, natural Tara
  • My son got it and we cought it early his air ways were better by the next day after hospital with steroids and just had a normal cough and then got a ear ache and needed antibiotics and then started to get better a few weeks it was over. Amanda
  • My son had croup and was hospitalized for 3 days as the steriods didn’t work. It is incredibly scary and I didn’t know I should have taken him to the hospital earlier. So any signs of sucked in rib cage, uncontrollable coughing and bubs pretty much scared take straight to hospital. But getting them upright and out in the cold air helps a lot and keep them calm as you can. For most the steriods should help, but avoid moisture. Good luck! Sarah
  • I had croup as a kid and was hospitalized. My 6 month old just recently was in ED & they diagnosed with asthma/croup although he is too young for them to say 100% he is asthmatic they told me to avoid vaporizers & they could trigger it. he was also given steroids Tracey
  • The steriods helped my ds but also gave him what the nurses called “roid rage” he was very overly hyperactive, cranky and went off his bottles for about 4 days. Took him a good week to get back to his normal self. So if you notice a change in your little ones behavior it will soon pass all the best. Croup is awful! Poor bubbas Brooke
  • all my kids have had croup can be very scarey, those steroids are the best!! within an hour mine were better, croup can come on so quickly. I just keep them in warm air and with the steroids :)hope you get some sleep Natasha
  • My son has had it a few times but I was always lucky enough to catch it just as it turned from viral to croup. I never had a vapouriser so used to steam up the bathroom and sit in there with him if he was coughing a lot. I propped the top of his cot mattress up by putting a pillow underneath it so he wasn’t flat and slept in his room (purely a personal thing..I felt better being closer to him) after 3 days of the redipred he usually came good. Hope your little one feels better soon! Emerald
  • When the vaporizer isn’t enough we sit on the floor in the bathroom with the shower running on pure hot, we’ve spent many hours on the bathroom floor with pillows, running the shower on and off with croupy babies. Karla
  • My son had croup. Steroid medication worked wonders!! Sarah
  • Keep checking your child throughout the night. It was this that saved my child’s life as he was struggling to breath. Don’t take chances, if you think they’re struggling call an ambulance ASAP. Sarah
  • My little man had croup about 3 mths ago when he was 10mths & was subscribed predmix. He had a course of 3 days of predmix but we still have some leftover which I have just kept in the fridge. Question, can i give my now 13mth old this same predmix as he has croup again? Or do I need to take him to the docs to get another prescription for predmix? Kerrie
  • My son had it at 18 months, it’s horrible. We were told to stay away from steam. I propped the top end of his mattress up with pillows but that wasn’t enough he could only sleep in a sitting position (I sat in bed and he slept leaning against me). Good luck i hope it passed soon. Hollie
  • Baby Vicks on bottom of feet. Our son is 3 and gets it every winter. We always keep an unopened bottle of steroids in the fridge and always have a repeat script ready to go if need be Craig
  • My Little girl has had it since new born! We actually found simple things like leaving the Window open slightly and buying those plug in breathers helped the most.. They smell lovely and they really help you breathe. Unlock you totally! When she gets ill is the most worrying because she gets all blocked up which starts it of again! Good luck. Try different things different babies work different ways Natalie
  • my boy still gets croup at 7 and I find the best thing for him is the vaporizer. Lisa
  • Put baby balsm or euky bear on her feet with socks as well should help settle the cough Amanda
  • My little girl (now almost 5) has croup at least once a year (since she was about 10months). I’ve never used steam etc. The steroids kick in pretty quickly and she will be back to herself in no time. Jen
  • Steriods will help. Our son suffers croup regularly and is an astmactic we have a vap running all night in his room and oil heater and vap running during the day in our lounge room aldo heater on all day Scubba
  • My 18 month just had it aswell- its horrible! I had him propped up on a U pillow at night which helped him and I would have the shower running really hot to build up steam while he was in the bath. Lots of big cuddles help too! Samantha
  • Early morning is when croup is usually at its worst. Hot steam in bathroom good and vapouriser. My son eventually grew out of it. All the best with ur little one. Leanne
  • My 15 month old twins have just gone through this. We were advised against vaporisers. They too had steroids for a few days. They then had to have antibiotics because their conditioned changed. While they are fine now they still have a cough. We were told the cough would stay for a few weeks. If they have trouble breathing get them vent olio and a spacer. Keep them warm and Panafon helps Emma
  • You will notice a big difference with the steroids. My son gets croup and us now asthmatic so I keep redipred in the fridge at all times! Like people have said any changes in breathing call an ambulance. Flixotide is an asthma puffer in the preventer family. Rebecca
  • Def sleep with your child, and use a vaporizer. My youngest was in emergency only two weeks ago with croup as he couldn’t breathe. It can be very scary but what your doing is fine. I would let your child sleep in your bed until the bad cough at night is gone. So prob at least 3 days post first dose of steroids. Kirralee
  • Keep your baby out of the cold air so inside early in the afternoon and not out until later morning if you have to go out. Vicks, vaporiser and sleep with the door open so you can hear. The steroids work pretty quickly. The second night always seems to be the worse. Keep in mind your baby may end up having croup again now since they have it now. Good luck it’s not fun at all and don’t be scared to to hospital if youre really worried. Robyn
  • Both my boys constantly get croup 2yrs and 11months, we have predimix on hand and find it works in a few hours and i also find the steamy bathroom does actually work i can noitce the difderance in their breathing after sitting in there for about 5/10 mins its not a fix but it helps slow the breathing down. Ive been told diff stories about going in the cold air to help, nurse told me no but another friend said it helps her kids so not sure on that one. Gemma
  • I found with Croup like coughs that a small slightly warm heat pack on the chest can help (i.e. a 22cm x22cm on 20sec in the microwave). However the redipred should work in three days (and keep that bottle in the fridge for the next time!!). You can get heat pack toys now (I have seen some at Spotlight). As they get older a cup of water beside them can help as well. But that is more for post nasal drip ones. Rosalie
  • My 19 month old gets it frequently I found vaporizer didn’t help it was just creating condensation and mould. I used oil burner with eucalyptus or the vapor from vaporizer. Heaps of euky bear rub and I sleep with my son to keep him warm. When I took him to the doc he also recommended anti histamine I thought that won’t help but it did alot. Casey
  • The best trick I found is for me not to get too upset during an episode of coughing. If I can stay calm and hold him he calms down faster. But don’t hesitate if in doubt go to ER straight away. And try to keep room they are sleeping in warm Oh and vicks on base of feet with socks on top don’t ask me why but it works also good with just a normal cold Deborah
  • The steroids will work tomorrow she will be a diff baby! My little girl has had it maybe twice a year since she was the same age she is almost three. My doc told me just to keep an eye on her stomach an thoat if it is sucking in means they are struggling to breathe an straight to hosi. If u have a nebuliser they work great. Steroids is the best an she is on it so try not to worry. Lauren
  • Prop child up with a pillow so not laying flat, put Vicks on chest as it will help keep airway clear.. Casey
  • My daughter had croup alot when she was a bub your doing the right thing vaporizer is the best even the steam from the shower it will go in a few days Bridie
  • My 13 month old has it now, has had for 9 days and this time the steroids haven’t worked. He has had several bouts in his short life, it sucks. I do all as said above plus baby Vicks on his chest and on both feet with socks on. Plenty of fluids and stay out of the wind. Hayley
  • I took my son to the drs and she advised he needed to br taken to hospital immediately for monitoring because he was so lethargic and havibg trouble breathing. She said if he looked fine she would have said put him in the bathroom with a steam shower going. He was monitored and given steroids in emergency and never had to be admitted, just gave me a second dose to take home and to get a script from my dr the next day. He was fine within a day. Jessica
  • Vaporiser at night. Cot head raised. Fresh cold air does help a lot as it does something similar to the steroids which is reduce the swelling. Only took 2 doses of steroids every time my babies got it to see a major improvement! Miss 5 has had 4 episodes, mr 3 has had 2 and mr 10 months has had 2 as well! Keeping them upright and staying calm when they have a coughing episode is important as nothing makes it worse than seeing mummy worried! Sandie
  • put my daughter in a warm shower, the steam help Rhiannon
  • I use a Vaporizer at night and give them a warm bath without the fan on. We don’t go out after 4pm (unless necessary), when it gets cold outside. And I put a rub on their chests. Just make sure their warm enough overnight. Tennille
  • running a hot shower to steam up the bathroon can help Kersten
  • Emma redipred is what I use to. My son has bronchitis so I have to have a continuous stock in my fridge in case he has a bad episode. Allysha
  • My little boy had croup at that age. The vaporizer helped so much. The steroids took 3 days to work. And lots of cuddles, when possible I let DS sleep on me with a blanket covering us both. Kayla
  • Raise the head of the cot. Cindy
  • Prop the matress up… we use cushions. My dd gets it every winter… 6th time getting it this year! Redipred is what we use, it works within hours. Might make bub a bit hypo! Emma
  • It should clear up quite quickly with the steroids. My son had it the other week to the point he could hardly breathe and the steroids made an immediate difference at bed time. Literally the first night he coughed all night and I had to give him ventalin to keep him breathing and got steroids for him and the next night he was perfectly fine.Just make sure u give them the steroids in the morning preferably with breakfast. Emma redipred is what I use to. My son has bronchitis so I have to have a continuous stock in my fridge in case he has a bad episode. Allysha
  • My boy had it a month ago but not bad enough for steroids and I just slept him warm in the lounge and kept an eye on his breathing. If she coughs enough like she looks like she’s trying to sit up, call an ambulance or take her in. We were lucky it only lasted a few nights xx Sophie
  • Unfortunately there’s not much more that you can do. Just lots of love and cuddles, and as Stacey said, if her breathing changes, call the ambulance. It does get worse before it gets better, so expect a sick little bubba for at least a week or two Tiahni
  • Wen my bub had it i was told same thing as rebecca said above by my doctor, run the hot water in the shower so the bathroom steams right up if she gets any worse in the night…….will help clear her up so she can breath better and potentially save u a trip to the ER at 2am. I found my lil girl was worse through the night so i kept her in my bed so i could keep a close eye on her. Julie
  • Our eldest has had it a number of times, two great tips we were told- at the first signs (in our case, a croaky voice) a dose of panadol and warm milk prevent an episode from developing works a treat. Also avoid being out early in the morning and just on dusk when the air is really cold good luck! Kate
  • My son gets it often. Just have a vaporizer ready. I found when he has it taking him outside in the cool night air helps open him up . And just make sure you relax as if you worry and freak out you will pass that onto child. Katherine
  • my son has it too had ambo called last monday and has been threatening to go back all week we jus finished the steriods administered by dr when I went back on Thursday keep bubs warm and upright if possible I hope your bubs has a fast recovery croup is horrid! Whitney
  • Has she been prescribed pred mix? Not sure if you can have it that young, but has been amazing for our girl. Went from 2 nights holding her up to sleeping all night in her cot, not a single cough. Tanya
  • I had croup at 22. Vicks was best friend. For natural helper, shower or steamed up bathroom hanging lavender and mint in room Kim
  • I don’t know if you can get it, but dexamethasone rx steroid worked wonders for my daughter who had croup for several weeks until she was put on that. Tori
  • Don’t go outside in this cold weather. You do need a moist environment. A oil heater with a wet washer on it, or vaporiser. Fiona
  • Good old rawlieghs medicated ointment works far betta than Vicks on any age.. Google it (blue tin) Raquel
  • My son had it a couple of weeks ago. The steroids cleared it up really quickly, though he was tired for a few days after. If you have a separate bath and shower, run the shower on hot with the door shut whilst you bath her, it seemed to help quite a bit with my little man. That and lots and lots of cuddles!!! Good luck! It’s the hardest thing to see them sick and be helpless xx Ally
  • My son gets croup I always have redipred on hand and he tends to get it in the cooler months and if he gets colds. I keep him home from preschool until his fully recovered it’s very important they rest and don’t exert themselves Petal
  • Vick and tapping lightly on the back to break up the flem and the steam but wth vaporiser u shouldn’t need to use shower steam Jacqui

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