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Experiences with a short cervix

short cervixI would love to hear about people’s experiences with a short cervix. I’ve just been told mine is around 2.4cm at 19 weeks and had to go on progesterone to try and stop it shortening more.

  • I had a short cervix picked up from 27 weeks with #1, I was put on bed rest for 10weeks with regular scans and steroid shots. With the next 3 pregnancies I had a cervical stitch put in at 15 weeks. Bed rest was still required, but not for as long. Linda
  • I was 2.4cm at 16weeks in my 2nd pregnancy. Was put on progesterone, nifedapine and bed rest (easier said than done with a 9month old at home). I ended up being induced at 38weeks. Melissa
  • I had a short cervix which was discovered at my 12 week scan. They put me on progesterone but it didn’t work for me and I had to have a stitch put in at 15 weeks and was told to stay on bed rest. It only held until I was 26 weeks and I delivered my baby girl. Shes been on hospital for 12 weeks but will be coming home soon. Rachell
  • Look up incompetent cervix you’ll find lots of information about it and what can be done Lani
  • At 28weeks mine cervix was down too 0.7mm i was pregnant with twins i went on progestrone and strict bedrest. I stop medication and bedrest at 34weeks and had then at 36weeks with a partial induction Sam
  • I had a short cervix at 26 weeks, can’t remember how short now. I was put on bed rest for 2 weeks. It regenerated and I went on to have healthy bub at 40+3. Kellie
  • I had a short cervix (under 2cm) and was on progesterone. Went on to have a healthy bub at 41+1 (ended up being induced!) good luck Lauren

Did you experience a short cervix in your pregnancy? Share your experiences below.


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