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Fairy magic from The Fairy Door Store

If you have kids that need a little touch of magic in their life, we introduced The Fairy Door Store’s gorgeous fairy door to our kids and they loved it. Here’s what it’s all about.

My kids were very excited to wake up to find their Elf on The Shelf had delivered them their own fairy door.  There were squeals of delight as they had a look at the fairy sized door and read the letter the fairies had left them. My 3 girls are fairy mad, and love to write notes to fairies in the garden and the tooth fairy.  With their own door providing access for fairies and elves to come and go from fairyland to our house, their fairy friends can visit any night they want to and share stories of the magical adventures they have been on.

The Fairy Door Store

The fairy door from The Fairy Door Store is a gorgeous handmade and intricate door that came complete with magical glittering fairy dust, a letter from the fairies and a key to the door.  Note that the door opens inward, so the key only works for fairies and elves. Being the keeper of the key is a big responsibility, and one my children are excited to fulfil.The Fairy Door Store

The fairy door is attached to the wall with blue tack or double sided tape to ensure it can move if ever its owners do.

This is a fabulous prop which will encourage and inspire my 5 year old, reluctant writer, to get out her sparkly pens and write to her fairy friends.  It could also be a great motivator to encourage positive behaviours , clean bedrooms, toilet training or improve sleep by using inspiring messages from their fairy friends. Or of course it can simply and purely inspire and excite your children’s imaginations.

The Fairy Door Store

Have you got a Fairy Door? Tell us what magical adventures your fairy gets up to. If you are looking for a Fairy Door, have a look at The Fairy Door Store.


This article is sponsored by The Fairy Door Store.

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